The Genius of California

I work for a general contractor in California. Today we received notice that all “lumber and engineered wood products” would be taxed an additional 1% starting Jan 1, 2013.

It is nice to know that the economy is booming so much here in California that we can raise the price of all lumber products by 1%. This of course includes all plywood, fencing material, wood beams, 2x4’s etc.


This belongs in P&R doesn’t it?

I didn’t know if it fit that level of argumentation? :)


If you want to highlight that certain policies of the Republic of California are stupid, it belongs in P&R.

If you just want to let people know that the price of lumber has increased, it belongs in Everything else.

If it’s a combination of the two, it belongs in P&R.

I thought this thread was going to be about me.


You’re so vain… I bet you think this thread is about you. Don’t you…

“I am the genius of the lamp, Mrs. Fawlty!”

You can get Guinness in California.


I’d rather be lumber in California than rich in California. Their taxes just went up 3%!

I got another letter from the county today that every business tax certificate issued after Jan 1 will have an additional $1 fee as mandated by the state for the “Disability Access and Education Fund” per SB1186.

What’s another $1.


ITT: Government exists.

I got 99 cents, but a penny ain’t one.

Rent in Vallejo and Stockton is pretty cheap these days.

— Alan

Everyone I talked to about Stockton’s troubles sure make it sound like that is a city that is in deep shit. If somebody wants to cry over some employees who will get screwed there is a place to start.

So, getting wood in California costs 1% more.

All this talk about getting wood.

I’ll be in my bunk.

Sawing logs.