The Gentlemen: Guy Ritchie's latest British gangster flick

with Hugh Grant as Michael Caine!

You weren’t kidding about the Michael Caine part! Two slightly bloody thumbs up.

Yeah. I’m in.

Ah well, I guess we now know why he wasn’t showing up in Aladdin dailies. Busy making a good movie…

Ritchie films always make me nostalgic for my formative years hanging around with dodgy geezers and hard men and selling lead we found just laying there guv to pikey scrap yards

This is a really good film. My wife and I really enjoyed it.

I’m really surprised no other comments on this?

It’s got the requisite twists, people thinking 4 steps ahead but the bumbling fools were a side-show in this one as compared to Ritchies other films.

I didn’t know this movie was out already.

Looks like it came out in late January before people started staying at home.

I liked it. Nothing groundbreaking, but light, familiar fun.

Last movie I saw in theater, in early March, just as COVID-19 was starting to dominate everyone’s attention so I kind of forgot about it with the bigger world events. But yes, great movie and I enjoyed it. Not Ritchie’s finest but far from his worst and definitely worth a view. Solid gangster film with some great individual performances.

I thought this was a nice return to classic Ritchie form. Way more like Snatch than his newer, duller films.

Definitely worth a rental.

It’s on the list of shows to rent - close to the top, since we love Snatch and Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

Yes, very definitely a Ritchie film. We enjoyed it. Mcconaughey kinda chews the scenery, but even that works in the context.

Good movie. A solid B, IMHO. This makes it shared 3rd-4th on the list of Ritchie’s original Ritchie style films, together with RocknRolla.

same here, last movie I saw. If it had to be a last movie, I am OK with it to be a Guy Ritchie movie. And this one was running like a perfect little clockwork.

Something like this presumably?

That is basically every Guy Ritchie film: a few lads and a bird (no room for more than one woman in a Guy Ritchie film, at most two in his Cockney Sherlock Holmes) mucking around working for a Mr Big and everything went to shit.

Hopefully this works outside the UK at least:

I think that video is the most British thing I’ve ever seen.

Search for Adam & Joe on Youtube for more extremely British silliness. Joe is Joe Cornish of Attack The Block fame and Adam Buxton is that guy who got a piece of church down his neck in Hot Fuzz.

Sorry I take it back. Watched it finally and there is at least some progress in the Guy Ritchie genre of London gangsters. Now Mr. Big is the protagonist but there are still lads doing stupid shits spliced in. I kinda wish Ritchie could broaden his palette with better success (his gangster King Arthur is just ridiculous).