The Gifted - Marvel mutants, Fox, Vampire Bill, Amy Acker


Season 2’s first ep is in 30 minutes.

I thought this got cancelled, nice surprise scrolling through the cable guide. :)


I’ve been enjoying this season more than i expected to. I’m a little surprised i had to search for a thread on it, i hope that isn’t a sign the show isn’t making decent numbers


I’m still watching, and enjoying it. They’re going pretty heavy on the “sins of the parents” stuff for my taste,but that’s to be expected in a X-Men world series.


Yeah, the Mutant/X-men stuff is pretty fun in here, and I like the characters and the story. It’s a fun show for being serialized as well, imo. I wish they’d just start name dropping guys like Magneto and such, and they have done a little of that, but like my son pointed out they were so coy about the clues they gave to Polaris’s Father that a lot of new fans won’t know it’s Magneto, maybe not even from the little helmet disk thing she got in the last episode. But it’s a great show and we’re digging it.


Still watching and enjoying here as well. I think they’ve done a good job this season of managing the two mutant groups divergent paths while still finding ways for everyone to stay active and relevant. The overall plotlines this season are even more interesting than the first season. It’s good television, which is why I’m worried Fox doesn’t seem to be pushing it much at all.