The Gifted - Marvel mutants, Fox, Vampire Bill, Amy Acker


Season 2’s first ep is in 30 minutes.

I thought this got cancelled, nice surprise scrolling through the cable guide. :)


I’ve been enjoying this season more than i expected to. I’m a little surprised i had to search for a thread on it, i hope that isn’t a sign the show isn’t making decent numbers


I’m still watching, and enjoying it. They’re going pretty heavy on the “sins of the parents” stuff for my taste,but that’s to be expected in a X-Men world series.


Yeah, the Mutant/X-men stuff is pretty fun in here, and I like the characters and the story. It’s a fun show for being serialized as well, imo. I wish they’d just start name dropping guys like Magneto and such, and they have done a little of that, but like my son pointed out they were so coy about the clues they gave to Polaris’s Father that a lot of new fans won’t know it’s Magneto, maybe not even from the little helmet disk thing she got in the last episode. But it’s a great show and we’re digging it.


Still watching and enjoying here as well. I think they’ve done a good job this season of managing the two mutant groups divergent paths while still finding ways for everyone to stay active and relevant. The overall plotlines this season are even more interesting than the first season. It’s good television, which is why I’m worried Fox doesn’t seem to be pushing it much at all.


Really enjoyed tonights episode. Two left to go.

I’m pretty confused trying to figure out Reeva’s plan. Any thoughts?


My son and I are digging this show and really like a lot of the players. Reeva’s plan seems to be to decentralize the human government, and at least ostensibly insert a mutant government with her as the head, but maybe it’s all about money, who knows? I’m very curious where it goes from here.

I can’t figure out one thing that is driving me crazy about the last episode - how did the cops know to show up where Blink was bringing the Morlocks to? Everyone was like “we have to go the cops are on their way!” and finally they do show up and they seem to know right where to go and what vehicles to stop. What? Did I miss something?


Finished out the season tonight with the finale that aired earlier this week. Gotta say, I did not see coming the way they dealt with Reeva. Which makes me like it more than I would have if they’d written an easier, happier ending.

The new Blink there at the end sure looks like a future/alternate timeline version. No guarantee, of course, but seems likely…and if so, I’m kinda surprised those mechanics took this long to show up. Given the X-Men track record with that sort of thing.

Yeah, I never got that either. Only thing I can think is that she couldn’t port very far so they didn’t get far enough out of the net the Purifiers/cops had set up.


I thought my station cut out a scene before the cops showed up.

Liked the ending too, and the tease for next season if we get one. Looking back I really enjoyed the Rebecca stuff, Purifiers & Dawn. I don’t think I’ve seen childbirth covered in any of the other mutant stuff before.

I think the new Blink was using a story from the comics. IIRC she got stuck in portal space for what felt like years to her, and comes out being able to throw those little portals.