The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest

Saw this tonight and have now watched the entire trilogy.

Felt that The Girl Who Played with Fire felt incomplete, and in many ways, this is essentially part 2 of that story, picking up seconds after the previous movie ended.

Serves as a nice bookend to the series. Wraps up everything, and seeing various parties get their comeuppance is satisfying.

This is probably my favorite of the series. The trial is a great way to wrap up the story. I bought the extended DVD version and it feels even more satisfying.

I enjoyed the books, but the movie is a rare case of the movie being a better work. A lot of the plot BS is removed from the movies (in this movie’s case, it’s Erika working for another publication).

Well that makes me want to finish the book that much sooner - I’m about halfway through the first one, and good gravy (POSSIBLE SPOILER) does Larsson take forever to get Salander and Blomkvist together. So far they’ve spent the entire book sort of orbiting each other with no contact whatsoever…which is doubly frustrating since Blomkvist is such a dry character. I keep aching for Larsson to bring Salander back into the picture.

Saw it Sunday night - overall a big thumbs up. My only complaint is Lisbeth doesn’t get to do much for most of the film. Which makes sense, given that [MILD SPOILER] she spends about half the film recuperating in the hospital secretly writing her autobiography and the other half cooling her heels in prison between testifying at her trial, but it still robs her of the chance to do as much cool shit as she did in the first two films. Still a good way to cap off the trilogy, though.