The Glades

I’ve watched The Glades on and off, as I like a good police drama. But I was watching the recent season, and it struck me how bad this was. Basically the main character goes around annoying people until he manages to annoy the criminal out of hiding. If along the way he can insult people and their beliefs in an ignorant way, then that seems to be a bonus.

The most recent episode I watched which demonstrates this was where there was a polygamous group of one woman and two men (I think). Some other guy who the woman was cheating on her two boyfriends with was the murder victim. The main character comes along, insults their beliefs. Interrupts some wedding (if I recall correctly) and hauls away one of the parties getting married when he could wait a minute or two and let the wedding complete, if he wasn’t a complete douche.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not a polygamist, not do I ever plan to be one. Nor do I identify with anyone else who this douche insults along the way, it just seems outrageous that this nonsense gets shown on television. This show is terrible! It’s the worst crime show I’ve seen in a long time.

Does anyone actually enjoy watching this? Doesn’t the terrible formulaic plots and the douchiness of the main character bother you? Am I missing something? Is this a work of genius I am not mentally equipped to recognise?

I watched some of the first season and also tired of the formula and heavy product placement quickly. If you buy into the laid back “charm” of the douchy main character then you might enjoy the show, but otherwise I don’t see anything thats really good about the show.

I started enjoying how big of a double he was and how he topped his douchiness with each episode. I also always laughed how they stuck in a car commercial inside each ep.

Series got cancelled on a cliffhanger btw.

Well he wasn’t much of a detective anyway. Without the intern, nothing would have been accomplished. Shame it was cancelled, I’d like to know who shot him. I think it was the Marshal but I have nothing but a feeling.

I had no idea this was cancelled. Hearing that it got cancelled on a cliffhanger sounds like something anyone watching this deserves. That said, I can’t have abandoned ship with many episodes left. I’ll check out the remaining ones.