The Goat simulator experiences thread

Fuck flappy goat.

Thats…a strangely aggressive post? Anyways, I think we need a Goat Simulator spoiler thread as well.

Seriously. Is Flappy Goat rigged so you can’t get past the first obstacle, or do I just suck?

I got to 3 so I assure you it is possible. But the frustration of it erased all the other fun I had in this silly little game.

Play it in slo-mo mode (press F on the keyboard) and it’s a lot easier.

I managed to glitch the game so my character was flyiing to the sky (collecting billion points and achievements) escaping the solar system at interstelar velocity. Then somehow I was again on the ground, and my score was 0 or something normal, not the absurd numbers I collected. Super anticlimactic.

I got this game to play it with a cousin, but he was not interested in it at first, or maybe he was stubborn into playing LEGO avengers :P

Re: flappygoat

Who play a mobile game in a TV?

Everyone who ordered an Amazon Fire TV today, including me…

Spoilers / achievements:

Ouya owners trying to feel better about wasting their money.