The Godfather game

I just got this on PC. Has anyone else played it yet? Just wondering if it’s supposed to be any good, or just another GTA clone. Any hands-on thoughts yet?

Oops, thanks.

Recycling for the new release. Anyone pick this up for the 360 yet?

Has it been changed any for the 360? I know EA tweaked Burnout Revenge.

So this was released on other systems earlier this year, and just now on the 360? I was very confused when I saw an ad for it on TV. I thought it had already come and gone.

360 and PSP versions bringing up the rear.

Even more than Burnout Revenge, actually. They added several attacks, businesses, methods of intimidation, clothes, etc. Basically tweaked everything in the game better. It’s not a great game, but very entertaining if you prefer the 30’s mobster life to the Saint’s Row style.

Talk about thread resurrection right? :) I’ve had the xb360 version in my backlog for awhile now, and was finally able to put about 26 hours into it this weekend after finishing Bioshock. Thought it was one step below Saint’s Row, and better then any of the games in the GTA3 trilogy. With that said, I thought it had allot of mechanics that were better then any other sandbox game I’ve played to date. Extorting businesses, uncovering rackets, and bank robberies were a few that stood out.


Decent game, hated the driving, cars took very little damage before exploding, hated the boxing.

I quite enjoyed the Wii version. They did a good job of integrating the WiiMote, and it’s a fairly good sandbox game. It got a bit repetitive once the story line ran out, but it’s worth checking out.

I too liked the Wii version. The remote implementation was well done. So well that I didn’t even bother to upgrade my weapons skills until last. Very good, enjoyable game, though not without its flaws.

Same thing here, the wii version had great wiimote implementations.

Yeah the Wii version is fun. It’s no GTA3, or GTA:VC, or GTA:SA, or Saints Row, or Just Cause, or Crackdown, or Spiderman 2, or Mercenaries, but it’s pretty fun.

Um, so, hey. I got this one for almost free on gagomer, added it to another purchase. I installed and played it for a little while a few days ago, but now I try to launch the game and it CTD’s about five seconds after loading the black intro legal stuff, every time. Not that I care overly much, but this is pretty unproffesional. EA doesn’t even have a support section on their website (I think that’s what makes me angriest), so I dunno where to even look for a fix for this. Googling just finds other people with my problem and no solution.