The golden age of horror: Ginger Snaps (2001)

Title The golden age of horror: Ginger Snaps (2001)
Author Chris Hornbostel and Barac Wiley
Posted in Features
When October 3, 2014

Chris: During our horror movie gab-fest last year, it's entirely possible that either Tom or I or both of us mentioned that American Werewolf in London was the last non-awful werewolf movie ever made..

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For what it's worth, this was the first movie we covered that I was completely unfamiliar with going in, and also the movie I've watched thus far that I found the most entertaining. Not saying it was the best, but I sure did get my 90 minutes worth out of this flick.

I always glossed over this movie, mainly (stupidly) because of the title. But, as my wife pointed out, it's not so much Ginger Snaps. As, Ginger. Snaps. We loved this, and I thought the opening sequence was one badass way to start a horror movie.
And the ending! So sad, but so awesome. "I'm not dying in this room with you!" Great stuff. Awesome pick.

Alan Moore is the first person I know of to visit the idea from the female-perspective, and he drew even stronger connections between the menstrual cycle and lycanthropy. He did it in his classic run on Swamp thing back in the early to mid 80s. In this case, it starts out with a tribe of indigenous people who force the women to stay shut up in huts when that time of the month hits, forbidden from having physical contact with any other other human being (they are fed via stick through a little hatch). they are considered "unclean". That treatment lead to a sort of elemental hate that has an actual (and unfortunate) manifestation. It reappears in modern day with a house wife who is verbally abused at every turn by her husband. The story actually ends tragically (the wife cannot bring herself to kill the husband, and after battling Swamp Thing she impales herself on a silverware display). I have no idea if Fawcett was inspired by Moore or not; this is the sort of idea that you can see coming from several different places.

I like the comedy mix in this movie as well. It's no easy to get that balance right but wen someone does it's a treat.