The golden age of horror: Resolution (2012)

Title The golden age of horror: Resolution (2012)
Author Chris Hornbostel and Rob Morton
Posted in Features
When October 27, 2014

Rob: What the hell is going on? That question ran through my mind countless times while watching Resolution, Justin Benson and Aaron Scott Moorhead's 2012 experiment in indie meta-horror..

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I'm not a horror movie guy at all, but the discussions from the "Golden Age" series have been very fascinating. Thanks for doing them.

I have a site bleg that I wanted to raise, though. Posts (like this one) are not showing up on the front page when they are put up--sometimes for several days. Clicking on Archives-->October pulls up everything that has been posted, but for example right now the top of the front page (clicking the Quarter to Three eye) shows Nick Diamon's "Count of Monster Disco" post. Am I doing something wrong?

First thanks for the kind words, and second, I'm not sure what the heck is up with not displaying for you. Is it a local cache thing on your computer, maybe?

Cache-clearing fixed it, indeed. But this has happened to me on more than one computer from more than one IP address. There may be some kind of cache persistence issue with Chrome that's worth checking in to. Anyhoo, thanks again.

I also experienced the same problem furikawari mentions.

I had never heard of this movie before seeing it on your list, and probably never would have seen it otherwise! Agreed that it was much more creepy than scary. And I also liked it in spite of itself - something about the actors and the atmosphere, I think. :)

Oh, forgot to mention I'm on Firefox. :)

I totally enjoyed this, and I was pretty creeped out the entire time, wondering what the heck exactly was going on. It's pretty impressive what they pulled off, but the box cover shot is a total spoiler ; )

Courtesy of the Sycona Indian Reservation, the estate of Nakoshi Saki, and the Croatian Film Commission. There's no way we're supposed to take that seriously. I mean, indian reservation, okay, supposedly they were on one. But Croatian Film Commission?

I watched this with friends and we were chortling with glee as the film got weirder and weirder and...well, okay, it doesn't really have a "resolution", per se. But it's a great ride until then, mostly. (A couple of the conversations between the two were a little too "afterschool special about drugs" for us.) And I dunno, it didn't really feel anything like Cabin in the Woods to me. It's not a direct comparison, but I was more put in mind of the terrific Repo Man, with Emilio Estevez. That movie also moves from seemingly unrelated moment to seemingly unrelated moment with this weird, off-kilter vibe that ultimately doesn't pay off in most conventional senses. Repo Man is tighter, I'd say, with better fleshed out characters and stronger casting, but still. I think there's a certain similarity of feel.