The Golden Compass

Well put. I don’t usually get pissed at movies screwing with the story, but if they wuss out on the religious stuff (which is what the fuss is about Rywill - book three is the best!) then there’s really no point to this movie.

Yeah, considering the entire series is a thinly veiled retelling of Paradise Lost, “wimping out on the religious stuff” would make it a completely different story.

I’d never even heard of this before today, and am now very curious. I’m going to give the books a read before this comes out. The movie looks pretty amazing no matter how close it parallels the books.

I have heard (rumour) that they have wimped out on many of the religious themes. It will be a shame if they don’t stick to the theme that authority can be and is often wrong and dangerous.

Wouldn’t that destroy the foundation of the plot/story? I mean, religion is part of what it’s all about.

Extended Trailer from Comic Con

Wow. That was a pretty lengthy preview. And it looked really good.

The longer trailer makes it appear that the film has a strong anti-authority theme.

That preview is absurdly long. It looks pretty damn faithful, too – every one of those scenes is straight out of the book, and they look almost exactly the way I pictured when I read it! Wow.

Have you read the books?

They are probably the single most devastating attack on the Catholic Church ever presented as fiction.

He’s hardly limiting it to the Catholics. It’s really against any centrally organized Christian orthodoxy. The anti-Narnia if you will.

I’d seen these books before, mixed in amidst other fare I sought, but never heard much about them, and so looked past them. Looks like I’ve missed out, as I always love a fantasy setting with a good anti-authority rant going!

The trailer looks fantastic, and seems like just the thing to offset Narnia.

Every preview I see makes this look more and more amazingly wonderful.

I am still nervous at the thematics though. There is a clear anti-authority message here, but is it the entire message?

Keep in mind it’s a “young adult” series. I think the first book in the trilogy is really great, a classic in its genre.

It’s incredibly dark for a “young adult” series. There’s all sorts of violent deaths going on. It’s also got far more adult fans than young ones, I suspect.

I loved the books. I even bought and read Lyra’s Oxford! The stuff that he says about religion and the church is jaw-dropping, though. It’s the kind of stuff that the church once burned people at the stake without hesitation for. Actually, it’s far worse. There’s a giant difference between, say, arguing about the nature of baptism, and what he says.

That may be the case, although in England the kids’ stuff does tend to run pretty dark. In any case, Pullman has said that he doesn’t write for any particular audience, so my comment may not be relevant.

Any word on Pullman working on anything new? It’s been almost a decade now since the last HDM book.

I like “Young Adult” stories from time to time (LeGuin’s Earthsea comes to mind), especially if it’s the sort of things my kids can get into.

I’m not to worried about whether my kids can handle the dark setting, as my tolerance for such things is more British than American. Kids can handle much more than many give them credit for. Besides, I think they’ve already heard the first book, on cd.

Had never heard of this book or movie before, but wow –
Armored warrior bears for the big win.

I liked the trailer for this when I saw the last Potter film, and right now I’m reading the first book as a result.

Some of the scenes seem to happen at Tom Quad in Christ Church College, Oxford, which at this pace is going to turn into some kind of mecca for fantasy readers, as it’s adjacent to the stairs where McGonagall received the students in the first HP movie. The Hogwarts Great Hall in the movies is a replica of the one at the college. And Lewis Carroll also wrote Alice while living there.