The Golf Club 2 deserves its own thread. It really is that good.


The leaderboards are definitely screwy. I just played @triggercut 's ghost on Faxon Park. When I looked at the leaderboard his score wasn’t there.


Help? Is there any way to get a replay? I just hit a hole in one on a par 4!

Edit: I know there will be a ghost if I finish up, but I’d like to take another look or two at this.


Wow, grats! There’s gotta be a way to do that, but I don’t know what it is…


I see something about Replays favorited when I pull up my profile but no idea how to add a replay, urgh

Huh, reddit thread says continue and then look thru menus:


Yep, going “ADVANCE” and then to the menu and “WATCH REPLAY” is how to do that. Just checked.

That will only show your last shot. Then you can “Favourite” it to watch repeatedly and gloat in the clubhouse.


I feel like Happy Gilmore. Wow, that’s a lot easier than putting, I should just do that every time! :P

Edit: Interesting that the club selection is messed up in the replay.


If Tom is any indication of the level of competition, I’m in.


That is awesome!


I just played @triggercut 's ghost at The Links at Royal Atlantic - you were on fire, nice job! There were some awesome shots in there.

I tend to play pretty aggressively and discovered that Royal Atlantic is not the place to do that. I think I hit at least 3 shots in the water, and more in some bad places. One sand trap took me 3 shots to get out of. I don’t want to go down easily, so I’m going to try again.

Edit: You let me just squeak in by a stroke with your non-triggercut like performance on the 18th hole.


Holes in one you say?

Seriously though - that’s a great shot, arrendek.


LOL that was amazing.


you know, that IRL whenever you hit a hole in one, you need to buy a round of drinks for the whole clubhouse… so gimme that virtual beer, already


@triggercut, I’m having a great time trying to beat your great performance at Victory Village. We were neck and neck right until the end. The 2 late bogies on my part took me out of it.


I shot that on the final round of a career/season tournament. Just got into a zone there for a bit!


Rage quit Hole 17 on that course was at -4. So mad.

The penalty for fucking up a shot you are trying to apply draw or fade to is SO MUCH HIGHER than anything when you just try for straight. If you are off by the tiniest margin from the cone it just basically undoes any amount of fade or draw you were trying to apply and hits the fucker straight or even bends it the other way. When you’re trying to hit something that looks like a parentheses or maybe a good 40 degree bend, then you are completely, utterly fucked.

I rage so much harder at this game than real golf and that is saying something.


On my 6th time playing Victory Village I finally edged you out by 1. I came within 6 inches of getting a hole in one (I think it was that try, but it could have been the one before. They start to blur together.) I think that was maybe the most fun I’ve had playing computer golf. It’s fun having someone that is such a close match for me. Even our handicaps are within a point or so of each other.

I swear more often in this game than any other. More than I did with Dark Souls. It’s a game of highs and lows. You’re right, one shot can screw with an entire round.

If you heavily adjust the fade / draw and the loft to some degree, the cone becomes much more difficult to hit. You need to know that it is somewhat of a gamble if you don’t hit all of your shots straight.Off the green I keep mine mostly straight, but every once in a while I really screw one up. If it happens to be one I’ve adjusted - well, you know what happens. I tend to live life on the edge in that game, so I know how it feels to blow a good round.


Yeah but if you hit it straight and miss the cone moderately, it’s 20-30 yards to one side of the line. If you miss a shot you’re trying to bend by 1 degree off cone, it’s 200 yards away from where you were aiming, and in a different direction than planned.


Well I am terrible at this. Did the tutorial, then tried one course. I’m +8 on the third hole. Hilarious.

I love, LOVE the narrator/tutorial guy’s voice though. LOVE it.


You mean +8.

And after a few holes you’ll want to murder the narrator. :P


Yes, I did mean that. Silly Golf numbers.

And I dunno, he cracks me up.