The Golf Club 2 deserves its own thread. It really is that good.


Well I am terrible at this. Did the tutorial, then tried one course. I’m +8 on the third hole. Hilarious.

I love, LOVE the narrator/tutorial guy’s voice though. LOVE it.


You mean +8.

And after a few holes you’ll want to murder the narrator. :P


Yes, I did mean that. Silly Golf numbers.

And I dunno, he cracks me up.


“Looks like an 8 eye-ren from here.”


The jokes about how he’s a person and not a computer get old pretty fast for me, but really what does it is when he says that it would’ve been nice if that had gone in or whatever when I’m putting.


I’ve uninstalled it for the time being or I might literally break my controller or screen with a hammer, by the by. But my ghosts live on.


Yeah, I definitely had some rage quit (or at least pause) moments in The Golf Club. Whenever I was in the running for a tourney win and blew some approach shot and hit it in the spot that you just can’t hit it. Triple bogey later, and yeah…

TGC2 did that for me trying to play the Tour Clubs. I will have to give it another shot while you guys are playing.


I turned the volume off of the announcer after I played 4 courses or so. I just couldn’t take it.

To those just starting out, take heart. When I first started it was common for me to shoot +15 to +25 on a course. Maybe it’s the courses I’ve been playing recently, but I’ve shot between -7 to +6 I think. I’m pretty sure the first time I played Victory Village I shot in the + double digits and I got that down to -7.

There is no doubt this game can be punishing. Play with the standard clubs that are the most forgiving. I played quite a bit with those until I moved up to the player clubs. When I tried the tour clubs I sucked real bad - but I’m tempted to give them another try.


For something different I recommend trying St. Andrews Links - The Old Course. When I saw the different holes I could remember many of them from the Links PC golf game. Some of the greens can be pretty difficult, and with the uneven fairways you can’t be certain of your lie. Many times it isn’t easy to hit it somewhere flat. I was doing pretty well until I faded down the stretch. I’m still happy with how I did, but it could have went better.


I sent a request to join the society. Just had a class game against triggercut and rob.I was 3 ahead at Littlebrook when I took a 7 at the par 3 15, hit my first 2 shots in to the water.Then eagled the last to tie at 5 under with Rob and trigger at -3.

I wish the ghosts played a bit slower, they are off before my flyby has finished which is frustrating.


Those ghosts really do make playing more interesting. Did you try turning on some option about turn order? I’m not sure what that does - but maybe it would help with the ghost getting that first shot off so fast.


I sent a request to join the society as well. Caved and bought it. Enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would. I think greens that aren’t flat should be illegal.

I’m Sadley on Steam if you need someone to feel better than on your friends list!


Legally the flag must always be placed on a flat part of the green (I used to be a golf pro when younger). Is this not true in this game? I am tempted to pick it up but things like this always annoy me in golf games.

Also people were talking about bunkers earlier and how hard they are in game. In real life bunkers are a nightmare for handicap players but pros would much rather be in a bunker than in thick rough around the green.


I think the flags are on flat parts of the green – I was just bitching about how bad I am at putting. And while I’m struggling, I see @robc04 's putts sail by me and float majestically into the hole :)


Course designers seem to be able to put the flag where ever they want. The official courses made by the devs may have reasonable pin placement - I’ve never paid attention to who makes which courses.

The bunkers seem to be a problem if your swing is too soft or not straight enough. The penelties in the bunker are high I think - as they should.


From next year the R&A are changing the flag rule so the flag can stay in even when on the green, about time too.


This is on sale on Steam for $16, but if you use the code “GMGBLACKFRIDAY” on GreenManGaming you can pick up a Steam key for this for $13.60.


Yep. Putting is still garbage.


I don’t think the putting is garbage, but some of the course design of the greens are.


I agree with both of you.


The Golf Club is a series that I’ve casually followed over the years but never quite taken a chance on. Even though I loved Links back in the day there always seemed to be something missing in the Golf Club games to prevent me from buying it. That might be changing with the Golf Club 19 based on this interview from Operation Sports. New features include a proper career mode and some licensed courses with the promise of more to come. Ideally, you’ll be able to customize the career mode to add in more courses and events, but I haven’t seen any mention of that. However, the fact that you can edit the AI opponents’ names and attributes makes me feel optimistic.

I’m still going to wait and see how the career mode and some DLCs shake out. Regardless, it’s been cool to see how the series has developed and improved over the years, even if I haven’t actually played any of them.