The Golf Club 2 deserves its own thread. It really is that good.


From next year the R&A are changing the flag rule so the flag can stay in even when on the green, about time too.


This is on sale on Steam for $16, but if you use the code “GMGBLACKFRIDAY” on GreenManGaming you can pick up a Steam key for this for $13.60.


Yep. Putting is still garbage.


I don’t think the putting is garbage, but some of the course design of the greens are.


I agree with both of you.


The Golf Club is a series that I’ve casually followed over the years but never quite taken a chance on. Even though I loved Links back in the day there always seemed to be something missing in the Golf Club games to prevent me from buying it. That might be changing with the Golf Club 19 based on this interview from Operation Sports. New features include a proper career mode and some licensed courses with the promise of more to come. Ideally, you’ll be able to customize the career mode to add in more courses and events, but I haven’t seen any mention of that. However, the fact that you can edit the AI opponents’ names and attributes makes me feel optimistic.

I’m still going to wait and see how the career mode and some DLCs shake out. Regardless, it’s been cool to see how the series has developed and improved over the years, even if I haven’t actually played any of them.


Welp, it’s out today:


Gonna try to find a few reviews before I take the plunge, but man is it tempting now that they’ve got the PGA license – which I presume will mean authentic courses.


I just got this the other day, so I’ll be good for a while while reviews come out. ;)


I’m going to say on this wait for a patch. Or three.

The interface remains an absolute mess. There might be a good game in here, but after 90 minutes of fighting the interface I gave up and did a refund.

I might circle back in a few months, but every complaint I had about poorly explained and non-intuitive UIX in TGC2 is back, with a vengeance here. It might be worse.

To put it another way: right now it’s easier for me to figure out how to do what i want to do in a game of EU IV – which I haven’t played for three expansions and over a year – than it is to figure out this mess.


Holy shirtsnacks.


I mean, I want to eventually learn to play HOI 4. I don’t know how to play it now.

But I can guarantee you that I could figure out faster how to launch an amphibious assault with an ally in HOI 4 than do half the stuff I wanted to do in an hour of TGC 2019.


Whoa whoa whoa, now you’re just talking crazy. Next thing, you’ll say it makes less sense than Dwarf Fortress.


Lol…how do you make a golf game interface complicated? /boggle.


In the interest of fairness, old buddy Bill Harris said he negotiated the UI just fine.

He’s smarter (and more patient) than me, though.


I, therefore, should never touch this game, for I am an known impatient idiot.


How does someone screw up a golf game interface so badly? Weird.
Real courses without crazy green physics would be a great addition tot he game. I’m in no rush so I can wait a long time before getting this. I haven’t played the prior one in a long time.


One of the most common complaints of the 2nd game on the Steam forums and reviews was the putting. There were many, many people who commented that putting was simply a guess with a terrible interface. To the extent of not being able to understand why putts would go 5 meters or 15 meters. That convinced me to not buy that version.

Considering the first was a mess that was shoved out the door early and the second one had so many complaints about the putting, I am in skeptical-mode about this third installment.


I didn’t play the first, but I did the second. The biggest problem with putting was that some courses had greens that were ultra fast, either due to slopes or just being very fast greens.


Yeah, the putting problem was more a course design nonsense problem. Putting worked pretty well, though it was difficult and required practice.

The problem with putting in TGC2 was the creation of some absurd green behavior. Creators would set them for hard and fast, and then slope them away sharply to bunkers or (worse) hazards. There are thus so many courses in the game where you get the green in regulation…and then you’re halfway done with the hole.

The obvious solution: make the course/hole design more challenging so that it’s tougher to get that GIR. But that requires smart tree/bunker/water hazard placement, something beyond the ken of too many course designers out there.