The Good Life - At night, all of the town's residents turn into cats.


From Hidetaka Suehiro, who gave us Deadly Premonition (the best Twin Peaks game) and D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die (the best…uh… umm…) comes The Good Life, an RPG about a town that turns into cats.

Coming to Fig soon for funding.



Ha, I just got this email from Fig and was considering making a post but I wasn’t sure if many folks in these parts would be interested. I’m considering kicking in myself just based on the premise - I wasn’t really a fan of Deadly Preminition (and anyway Virginia is the best Twin Peaks game).


I pitched in at the lowest level. Not sure how much I will play this game, but I really love SWERY’s style and intentions and want to see what he makes in the future.


I’ll be all over this


As someone supporting another Fig project (Psychonauts 2), I got a form letter urging me to spread the word! I haven’t actually backed this one but looking at the page for it, with 20% funded and 6 days to go, well, that doesn’t look good. Too bad, I probably would play it somewhere down the line, but I haven’t really been into SWERY’s previous stuff, though I do admire his perspective.


I got this form letter as well and to be honest if his name was like a real person’s name and not some strange Internet handle I would be more inclined to take a real look at it.


The thing I have to wonder is, wow, asking $1.5 million? Which I mean on one hand, being honest and upfront about your financing needs is better than getting halfway through the project and going, “Uh, ran out of money dudes, sorry, kthxbye” but on the other hand, whoa. I don’t know how he realistically expect to hit that mark.


I love Swery, think he’s pretty amazing.


Yeah, he’s probably a swell guy. Hope he gets his one and a half mil.


I mean his games are, he’s pretty weird and tries fun, imaginative stuff.


I knew what you meant. I’m less impressed by his games, but was trying to keep things positive.


There also seems to be a version where all the residents turn into dogs… which is a recent addition to the pitch I think. Oddly, it is a completely different SKU – and takes 2 purchases to get both versions (or a bundle containing both versions)


Comparing dogs and cats is like comparing apples and oranges. His pricing scheme is justified.




So when do the townspeople sleep if they are roaming around as cats at night and presumably still producing economic output during the day?

Apples are objectively way better than oranges, so yes it is like comparing dogs and cats.


Maybe it’s like Murakami’s Town of Cats where the cats run the town at night?

“In fact, this is a town of cats. When the sun starts to go down, many cats come trooping across the bridge—cats of all different kinds and colors. They are much larger than ordinary cats, but they are still cats. The young man is shocked by this sight. He rushes into the bell tower in the center of town and climbs to the top to hide. The cats go about their business, raising the shop shutters or seating themselves at their desks to start their day’s work. Soon, more cats come, crossing the bridge into town like the others. They enter the shops to buy things or go to the town hall to handle administrative matters or eat a meal at the hotel restaurant or drink beer at the tavern and sing lively cat songs. Because cats can see in the dark, they need almost no lights, but that particular night the glow of the full moon floods the town, enabling the young man to see every detail from his perch in the bell tower. When dawn approaches, the cats finish their work, close up the shops, and swarm back across the bridge.”


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Didn’t know Murakami was a furry.


So, this is back, with a Kickstarter, now targeting Nov 2019 release.

SWERY mentioned when the Fig campaign closed that they were going to re-evaluate and try again. It looks like he used the quantity pledged on Fig to get some other investors interested. His new minimum target is approximately what was pledged on the Fig campaign, so it sounds like his other investors said “okay, if you can bring that much money to the table, we will fill in the remainder”.

It’s a debt-repayment daily life action adventure! I like the pseudo-papercraft looking style, and it really does look charming and I hope it’s able to exist. They look like they’re probably on track to make their target this time.