The Good Place...


Anyone else watching this? I’m pleasantly surprised by how good it is.




I am watching , its alright and sometimes really good. Then there are some moments that make me feel like this, because I don’t think I am getting the joke.


I should pay more attention to where the jokes are, because often ted danson says stuff, and I find myself wondering if other people find him funny.


I look forward to watching it, and I actually laugh out loud more often than with other shows I enjoy more. I don’t really watch any comparable comedies these days; the other funny shows I watch are You’re The Worst, and Atlanta. So both of those are better shows, but not exactly in the same category.

If I go back to older shows, The Good Place is no Parks and Rec, but of course Parks and Rec’s first season was really weak too.

I suppose the biggest question is how you keep such a weird premise going and funny, but I’m on board to find out.


This, for the most part - I’m finding it endlessly charming and enjoyable.


If you watch the latest episode, they address that quite neatly-- they aren’t going to stretch out the same storyline to exhaustion.


Sure, they don’t look like they’re in danger of stretching things out too long, but they have to have a plan for where you move next if the situation keeps changing. Michael Schur said in an interview they’ve got the first season mapped out, but keeping it fresh will always be more of a challenge in a show like this than a workplace comedy or something. And maybe more rewarding! But maybe more likely to fail.


It’s a smart comedy on NBC. I wouldn’t worry too much about season two. :(


I’m digging it. I like that they are moving the story along at a good clip.


Is this canceled yet? It’s too good to not have been canceled.

We binge watched the available episodes just before the holidays, and to echo all the above, this is really good. I irrationally dislike Kristen Bell, and I still think this is really good. I’m sad there isn’t more chatter here, but I guess NBC burned off most their comedy viewers with the last few years.

Spinning possibilities is always more fun than reality, and we constructed some outlandish scenarios for how the central conflicts will be resolved, but I don’t have any real objections to the way they’re handling anything, and as mentioned, there’s no Lost-like drag-outs here. Everything is moving along nicely.

Also Adam Scott as the - well, let’s just say a -devil? Amazing.

“Every day was basically one endless baby shower for a woman I didn’t know, but also somehow I had to organize it? And if I didn’t remember everyone’s name I got a very strong electric shock.”


It returns next week for the last 4 episodes of its 13-episode first season, then we’ll see if NBC gives it a second.

I’ve been LTTP on Kristen Bell, but she’s terrific in this.


It has a real good chance of being renewed. For one, it’s on NBC, which has a lower threshold for renewal (thanks to the ‘we have a hard time attracting viewers’ factor). Secondly, it’s ratings are higher than several other NBC comedies that were brought back for sophomore seasons. Lastly, it’s getting some good critics quotes that will help to keep it afloat ala 30 Rock and Crazy Ex Girlfriend.


What in the world is LTTP?


Late to the party. :)


Ah! Google told me it was Link To The Past. :)


That was my first thought too.


The only problem I had with the latest episode was that it was too short. Funniest thing I’ve watched in a long time.


I was coming here to post how much I enjoyed the latest episode. I think this is my favorite show of 2016-2017 so far, every time it’s on it makes me happy just watching it.


Absolutely delightful. Smart, funny and really well acted.

Last night was bittersweet knowing there are only three more episodes left.