The Good Place...


I died at JasonJanet pretending to be EleanorJanet. Oh dip!


This is even more likely what is happening there. He is going off of the information that he had. It is clear from the last episode that he was very uninformed about who was or wasn’t in the good place, and he was making a lot of assumptions about how you could get in.

Also, I am super pumped to see where they go next. We have seen all of the “places” so far, very excited to see the next.


So I listened to the podcast and watched “Janet(s)” again, and it was even better the second time.


The schedule for this show is crazy. A two week break, then a single episode, and now a month break, and then three episodes? :/


More on this:

Why has the Good Place been broken for so long?

“The question of why no one has gotten in [the Good Place] in 521 years will be answered in the next episode,” Schur says. But like so many other small details on the show, that specific length of time wasn’t an arbitrary choice. “We sort of figured once the world was closed as a loop — once exploration moved from Western Europe and had moved across the ocean — after that moment it was essentially impossible for anyone would get in by the criteria we set up,” Schur explains. Sorry, Abraham Lincoln and Harriet Tubman.


That’s because of stupid broadcast tv schedules. Super lame. Let us HULU watchers binge!


Wait is it football’s fault?


And Jesus’.


Forking jaguars.



Just caught up on last week’s episode. I am sorta’ OK if they just have Janet as every character for now on.


Oh dip.


You guys.


I’ve begun saying “Oh dip” in my normal vocabulary.


I hear ya brother and when I find myself in those kinds of situations what I do is BORTLES!






throws a Molotov cocktail, turning one problem into a different problem


I haven’t seen any of season 3 yet! #christmasdaygoals




Why are you in this thread? Fly you fool.