The Good Place...


Get the fork out of here you maniac, lest you be spoiled!


You, Chidi, Eleanor, Tahani, and Jason are playing Monopoly.

Tahani: Makes some sort of reference about buying Park Place, but then you realize she meant in real life.

Eleanor: Probably the best teammate as she’s sneaky and competitive. However, in Monopoly she’s most likely to flip the table.

Jason: Eats the pieces.

Chidi: The worst. He wouldn’t be able to decide whether to roll the dice or not.


Season 3 has been great, only 3 episodes left for me!


For everybody.


OMG! Doug Forcett



And that might have been one of the finest season finale pre-winter break cliffhangers of all time.

Fantastic casting of The Head Accountant.

OMG the corner piece of cake!

When do we get season 4? :D


They put the whole season on Amazon or something because the finale hasn’t aired yet.



NOPE NOPE ignore me, my friend just told me I have 3 more episodes that haven’t aired yet.

I googled and next episode is Jan 10th!



Janet(s) is one of the best episodes of anything ever, I submit.


Definitely my favorite episode. D’Arcy Carden is amazing.


This was cute:


How to get jacked:

P.S. also, episode 10/11 is live: Book of Dougs.


Excellent episode. I loved the explanation for why no one is going to the Good Place.


I’ve been arguing with my friends whether self-euthanasia would be a net positive gain, since most humans may be causing net harm merely existing.

Some trivia I discovered: Doug Forcet has possibly the highest score with 500,000 points and that wasn’t enough. Genocide is about -4 million points.


It is also quite the mind-bender. When you think about the grand scheme of human existence, maybe a 500 year drought isn’t really that crazy?

But also, I love the idea of the show bringing about the idea of how there is no ethical consumption. Anyway, really excited to go to IHOP now.




He almost has a full penis.

Chimdi wins again for sheer reactions. Him seeing the time knife? Amazing.


All olive martini cracked me up.


The sole lemon in the martini glass is what broke me.


Crack episode. The season is really picking up. How many more eps we got?