The Good Place...


I thought you meant done forever at first, but it’s doing really well ratings wise so we should see a new season, unless I missed an announcement.


No announcement yet, but one would hope NBC recognizes what they have.

Then again, it’s NBC.


It’ll be fine


holy SHIRT


Nothing short of brilliant. I assume that was the final episode pending renewal?

They’ve managed to completely invert the sitcom formula: the problem with sitcoms is that nothing ever changes. The characters never truly evolve, they just pose a brief issue that is resolved by the end of the episode.

Here, they’ve literally pushed that reset button–nothing has changed. But by doing so, everything has changed. I love it!


Its funny because my wife and I were kind of wondering what exactly did the others (that weren’t obvious frauds) did to end up in The Good Place - Chiddi particularly. This was the most hilarious possible answer to that question.


What an amazing finale. I sure hope this gets renewed!


Perfect season finale.

“What’s a Chiddi?”


It’s an interesting contrast how funny some episodes are, and how lacking
the funny others are. The two last didn’t have many laughable moments to
me, compared to the third to last. It’ll be interesting to see, if it
returns, how they make the next season interesting.


Goodness, what a finale! Man, I hope we get another season. Tremendous freshman effort.


I gave up on this after a couple episodes but sounds like it’s actually worth revisiting.


Hearing Kristen Bell say “Forking Shirt-balls” makes the series worth watching


I would want to go to the bad place just for bad Janet. <3

I very much enjoyed the finale, I hope we do get a season 2!


Liked it but didn’t love it. Kristen Bell’s character never was worth the effort of saving so the conclusion was pretty satisfying. Ted Danson is a national treasure.


I had a similar reaction, though I don’t remember specifically which episodes. Some were laugh-out-loud funny, which is rare in any show for me, while others were just sort of “nonsensical drama”, which I don’t mean as a criticism. I preferred the more directly funny ones, but I think they’ve got a good balance right now, and I hope they can maintain it.


See that was one of the few missteps for me, and just a minor one, but they really ran that joke into the ground early and then just kept hitting it over and over again. Oh well.


Michael Schur did the same thing with Parks and Rec, which is why that show is so good too. Everything happens in P&R. People fall in love, get married, take different jobs, move away, move in, etc. What made that show special was that it wasn’t afraid of change or progression or the happiness of its characters.


Oh, and The Good Place would be a stunner if NBC didn’t renew it. It’s likely a 22-episode pickup for 2017-18. Ratings are already good enough, and word of mouth, especially on Episode 13, probably sealed the deal.


Alan Sepinwall from Uproxx nee HitFix pointed out in his finale review that Parks & Recreation could be viewed as Ron Swanson’s “Medium Place.”