The Good Place...


I agree with you. But I think people were expecting it to follow the same pattern as season 1. Meaning that Season 1 was Attempt 1, Season 2 would be Attempt 2.


Plus the switch up at the end of episode 3 (last week).


What attempt are we on now? :D


I messed up today. I was playing Destiny 2. You can’t snap TV anymore on Xbox, so I was just letting live TV record so I could switch to it, and then rewind. That way I can skip the commercials.

So I rewound back to 7:30 when the show started. But then I accidentally changed the channel, which erases the LiveTV recording. Sigh. I’ll have to watch it tomorrow on their website.


Really loved this episode. It was my favorite of the new season so far.


I’m just loving Ted Danson’s new role this season. In the first season, he was just kind of a… exposition machine. This time, he’s an actual member of the ensemble cast. It’s so cool to have him on board this season, and doing things and interacting with people other than just the one note he had last season.


Yeah, Ted Danson really gets’s some incredible lines here, and his performance is just outstanding. Just perfect timing. His mid-life-crisis stuff was so freaking awesome to watch. “I mean… it’s a little racist… but whatever.”


I was 2 episodes behind, so…

Team Cockroach! :D
I am gonna miss the chowder shops. :(
Indeed Danson is just perfect this season.
Janet as a blonde, rocking that shrimp colored dress. ;)
Hungry Hungry Hippo with real Hippo’s!
1 to 13, tent scale! 8 is great!


Playing out ethical scenarios was too funny.


I laughed out loud so many times. From Michael’s sketch of how to solve the trolley problem to “I’m not one of those scientists who forecloses on banks.” This show is amazing.


Yep, last night was almost painful in terms of I think I pulled something laughing so hard. Forking hell this is a great show.


Y’know, Michael Schur kiiiiiiiiiinda knows what he’s doing. Just saying.

Oh, and some of the other creative forces behind the show do too. Writer/producers on the show like Megan Amram, Alan Yang, and Joe Mande are all Parks & Rec vets, and have also written/produced Master of None, early seasons of Modern Family, etc.


And a couple of them fired Joe Morgan. Just saying.

The Trolley Problem is one of my favorite TGP episodes. Chidi was outstanding (I mean, c’mon, a Kierkegaard rap?), but everyone is bringing their A game at this point.

Did anyone catch the movie theater marquee in the fake trolley world? Strangers Under A Train


People = Good

The French people never get a break.


So glad I gave this show another chance. This season has been awesome and I even got my wife hooked.


It was great to see Janet show some different sides of her this week. Elanor’s advice, as usual, was hilarious. The interplay between Michael and Janet in this episode was so good.


Agreed - this was a fantastic episode and when Elanor showed up in the last few minutes I had almost forgotten she was a character, I was so charmed by Janet and Michael. This show just gets better and more fun each time they put out a new episode.


I want more episodes with Bad Janet cameo’s. It is a fantastic cast, so any of them can carry an episode imho.

I also enjoy jalapeno poppers , the cheddar filled ones.




Eh was it just me or was the marriage episode a bit weak?