The Good Place...


The correct answer would have been to listen to her entire description of the test, which probably included a note at the end: “If you don’t want to play at all, that’s fine.”

I’m not entirely sure what complete failure would have looked like. Maybe intentionally losing, or refusing to play out of petulance rather than as a measured response to the terms of the test? More a test of maturity than morality per se, but I guess that’s what Jason required.


I don’t know how Manny Jacinto does it, everyone else, you only need to keep a straight face and say out there stuff once in a while, Manny is anytime Jason says anything at all.


I looked up Manny Jacinto because he’s amazing in this show and while watching an interview with him saw this treasure.


Another great episode last night. I can’t wait to see how the others are handling this scenario.

Next Thursday the Olympics start though, so I’m guessing The Good Place will be on hold for a while.


It was the season finale, so yeah - it’ll be on hold until next Fall.


I was wondering if that was the season finale based on it being episode 13. It sure didn’t feel like a finale though.


Wait, what? So they only had one month after the hiatus? Why have a break at all?


Why have a break at all?

Thursday Night Football.


What is Football, Alex.


It was kinda cute to see Ted Danson tending bar.


That was my favorite part too.


This serie is Milk Chocolate, you know milk chocolate, they do it with palm oil. To make palm oil they burn large jungle forest to plant palms, if somebody say something about it, they murder it, if people live there, they are push away or murdered. When journalist talk about it, they are silenced killed, and their families murdered. And palm oil is the worst type of oil, absolutely horrible for your health.

But white milk chocolote is delicious and taste absolutely great. Other people likes the dark and strong flavour of dark chocolate, with littel sugar and where you can almost taste the chocoa. But I like the milk variety.

The Good Chocolate

that video Scott_Lufkin posted was hilarious :D




That way madness lies…


Are you mixing up Milk Chocolate with White Chocolate?


Hershey’s chocolate is my favorite chocolate. Just like Bad Janet is my favorite Janet. :)


Surely Good Janet pretending to be Bad Janet. It’s The Good Place’s equivalent of Krystal pretending to be Sarah in Orphan Black.


I’ve never seen this, is it good?


It’s very, very silly, and it kind of goes off the rails toward the end, but it’s great fun and Tatiana Maslany’s performance(s) is incredible.


IMO. Like so many thing only the first season was really any good. After that, it kind of gets wacky and untethered.