The Good Place...


Eh. The wackiness is what’s good about it, for the first three seasons or so. Then it really does get untethered.



I was 4 episodes behind, I am almost caught up. Love that Michael made that sacrifice for Eleanor.

Also lots of BAD Janet, and or GOOD Janet pretending to be BAD makes these the best episodes. :D


Loved that ending, that bar scene! Season 3 is gonna be great.


Saw this, it had slipped completely under my radar. I quite liked it!

Indeed! Well, we knew that after his stint on Damages, but he is so incredibly good in this.


“The Trolley Problem” episode has just won the Hugo for best dramatic presentation, short form.


I did think much of that episode, but yay science!, even if is sociology/ethics.


Quick nitpick, but it isn’t sociology, but psychology. There is a difference. Some of us think there is a big difference, but that’s because we were bullied by Biology Majors back in undergrad.


In case anyone didn’t know, there is an official Good Place podcast, and it is utterly delightful.

Hosted by Marc Evan Jackson (who plays Shawn), there’s one podcast per Good Place episode, typically with a writer and actor as guests. They started recording this year, so there are spoilers for the first two seasons throughout. There’s some nice backstage detail, like how the writers get philosophy professors in for talks, and the origin of the phrase “ya basic” from a Beyoncé concert confrontation. Everyone involved convincingly sounds like they love their jobs and the show, and it will likely give you the urge to rewatch the whole series.


I will subscribe. I will listen to any podcast with Marc Evan Jackson!


I miss the Thrilling Adventure Hour so much.


Is clearly a engineering problem. How can you kill the smaller number of users with the correct use of the switch *wink* *wink*


Lol. Well played sir!


♬ Deja vu ♬♬♬


Thanks for this, I’m on the first (full) episode and it’s excellent already.


Yeah, the entire concept of a sitcom about ethics just strikes me as so funny. It doesn’t hurt that I love the show too.


Better Off Ted was basically a sitcom about ethics.


It wasn’t half bad either.


I almost forgot about BoT but it was one of my favorite shows while it was airing. The fake ads were just the best!


We just finished this and really loved it. It’s not Parks and Rec or Better off Ted, but it’s very, very good.