The Google Doodles Thread

The archive is here, in case you missed some interesting ones.

Today is a slideshow of Little Red Riding hood, for the 200th anniversary of Grimm’s Fairy Tails.


SFW, btw, not that kind of doodle…

Doodle, not diddle. :)

Also, it’s been pointed out to me that sometimes the doodles are region-specific. I think the one today is being presented all over the world, but if you see something interesting on the Google homepage for a specific region, speak up!

You can filter the linked list to show past doodles from any region!

Today’s Doodle features Schrödinger’s Cat. I don’t think today has any special significance in Schrödinger’s life, but hey, who needs an excuse to honor one of the great thought experiments?

It’s Schrodinger’s birthday today.

Ah, that makes sense, then. Didn’t notice it in the search results the first time through.

Or maybe it isn’t.

Today’s Google Doodle makes me sad (RIP World Cup Predicting Octopus).