The Goon (Kickstarter)

I happened to see this by accident (for any Goon comic book fans):

I like the voice casting for both leads. I always heard Franky with a bit of a higher pitched voice, but they couldn’t have found a better guy than they did.

Amazing that a project like this can’t get hollywood funding, especially considering the craft and names attached. Depressing, really. I’ve been in the room at many unrelated times when workmates have viewed the teaser, a crowd has gathered, and commented how cool it was and how much they’d like to see it when it came out (this is before we learnt it was just a pitch).

I’m so tired at animated movies needing to target children and/or provide mainstream laughs for boring parents, no matter how well crafted they’ve become. I suppose the few oddballs that have made it through (Kaena, 9, Final Fantasy, etc) haven’t helped, being of low production quality, poor design and/or of too small release venue to work.

I just think a corporate mainstreaming machine like Dreamworks could never simply hang loose and make something daring. Animation is too much of a long process for a suit to not peep in and start fretting…

This one looks troublesome to me. The reward structure is kind of lame for fans, and then of course after the goal is met, an actual film still seems unlikely.