The Goon

Anybody read this on a regular basis?

I picked up the 25 cent edition this week, and quite enjoyed it. Probably the most mileage out of a quarter I’ve seen in a comic - good size, no ads. The humor reminded me a bit of Hellboy, which I enjoy, when it actually comes out, twice a century.

I may look into adding it to my pull list.

Please add it to your pull list. I found the comic mostly because the art caught my eye. I grabbed a tradepaperback and I’ve been a fan ever since.

The Goon is one the best comics coming out these days. It’s a fantastic combination of art and humor.

I know that my pull list tomorrow includes:

The latest The Goon Hard Cover
The .25 comic
A complete set of The Goon action figures - The Goon, Frankie, The Zombie King, and Joey the Arm.

I never stopped to look at it through your eyes, Pete. You’re right. We turn your peaceful port into a haven for seedy transactions, then cut your limbs off. I’m appalled at my own actions. All I can say is… KNIFE TO THE EYE!

I bought the first trade today.

Welcome aboard, it’s a great ride.