The GOP is still morally corrupt, even if Discourse breaks

Yep, blue states just have sufficient urban populations to offset the red parts while red states do not.

Also, the whole concept of red states vs blue states being lessened might be another bonus in getting rid of the electoral college. Utah is a red state but over a third of the population voted Democrat. SLC is a liberal city with a thriving LBGTQ community but you would never guess it given how “red” the state is and the reputation it has. If Portland were smaller, a state like Oregon would likely have quite a bit different rep. You can’t just divide the country into regions to solve anything, it’s just not where the partisan divide is right now.

Actually you can divide the country up, and we probably should, because by making this division we save the most of the country, where if we let things split naturally you’re likely to see only the Pacific Coast and the Northeast split off and the great heartland stick with the United States of Fox.

And that’s by giving like 6 or 8 states “de-ratified” status and reverting them back to territories. Let them have their Jesus camps. They’d lose their Senate seats and most of their House seats, and would allow you to self-concentrate them in a particular area. Pretty much anti-Zion for Conservatives.

So we have a thread for speculating about the coming second civil war / partition of the United States / imminent secession of some states?

No thread that I know of. Anyway, the idea of Mississippi “succeeding” is farcical. They would have to give up all that Federal money they get.

Agree. I don’t really want such a thread, other than as a kind of quarantine for the other threads. But that’s probably a pipe dream.

Of course we do.

Ha! Threads for all things, and all things to their threads!

So want that discussion to secede from this thread?

“What Trump built in 4 years, Biden will destroy in 4 months.”

I was hoping for more like 4 weeks, but hey, I’ll take it.

Indeed. :)

I hope this guy isn’t my state rep.

There’s some real sleuthing going on here!


His base will eat this up though. He was just “owning the libs,” “making libs cry,” etc. Deplorables all the way down.



Sometimes you just have to engage in a little homosexual flirting to own the libs.

I think when the insects succeed us, it will only be fair.