The GOP is still morally corrupt, even if Discourse breaks


Yeah, they can’t really pretend this isn’t real damage. Jews aren’t really an “acceptable” group to hate these days either. At the end of the day seeing Hobby Lobby get shitcanned is for the best, but it certainly sucks for those people affected.



Up is down. Black is white. Freedom is tyranny.


Big surprise: John Kasich is a douchebag.


We need to wait for the full video before we can decide.


I don’t see the issue. In Two Corinthians, it clearly states, “If thouest be bumped from thy seat in a flying chariot, thou shall taketh the seat of a woman, beingest the weaker sex. The vile woman shall be cast out of the chariot, or thrown down to economy class, whichever her husband doth approve.”


Politician is obnoxious shitheel, film at 11.


Well not every politician is an ass.


Agreed. But, to paraphrase Stan Lee, “with great power comes…great ego.”


Do we want to see vigilante justice?

Because this is how you get vigilante justice.


Yeah… I pretty much expect people to start spray painting guillotines on places where the rich will see them.


This is something.


You know, in true late stage capitalism style, there is a business opportunity here. Selling 3d models of miniature scale guilotines for 3d printing, print on demand decals or signage, there is money to be made here!


You may be onto something, lol


T-Shirts. No words, just the outline.

People will understand.


That’s a money maker. Possibly the new uniform of the Antifa as well.


Laughing, Out Loud.


Practically Criminal negligence, IMHO