The GOP is still morally corrupt, even if Discourse breaks




Attack more than half the population in one fell swoop. That sounds smart.


If they could just roll back that pesky 19th amendment, it might work!


Virulent sexism is number five on Lawrence Britt’s 14 Characteristics of Fascism.


Ruler of his house? I, uh, WTF?


If people were perfect we wouldn’t need God in the first place. This is all part of His plan.


Big surprise. Those peddling hate and intolerance are the ones being the ultimate hypocrites. Of course they’ll faun over him for admitting his sins and not bring up his insatiable hypocrisies.



I’m sure Ms. Minton means Isis and such…right? RIGHT?

runs into the bathroom and locks the door, sobbing


This is why Trump voters can die in a fire.


Sleep with a snake and get bit. Dumb fucks.




She hurt Brian! Bitch.


Leopards something faces something never expected something something.


Don’t worry, lady. He’s hurting those people, too.


In today’s shocking news: Texas Republicans DON’T do the worst-possible thing. Still, a good quarter or more of the people voting wanted to oust this guy just because he’s Muslim.


If he had any sort of moral character, he’d resign, not wanting to be a part of such a ridiculously biased group. But seeing as how he’s vice chair of the Tarrant County GOP, he likely has no moral character to risk anyways.



How is this real?


Given that if Trump isn’t Primaried in 2020, the GOP will have gotten even more morally corrupt, here’s a look at possible 2020 GOP Primary challengers:

Most intriguing:

Does Trump want Mattis to run against him? Because aside from shooting the guy’s dog, there’s basically nothing more he could do to bait the general into a run.

If Mattis were to run, it would be an existential threat to Trump because he would run not as an anti-Trumpite, but as a whistleblower. The message would be: I served this president. I was on the inside. I know what it looks like. And he’s not fit for office.

It’s one thing to have some undersecretary of agriculture making that argument. Having it come from a beloved general who is regarded as one of the great military minds of his generation? Yikes.

Chance of running: “ Don’t make me do it . . .”

Threat level if he runs: DEFCON 1