The GOP is still morally corrupt, even if Discourse breaks


GOP gonna GOP.


Every single furloughed government employee should send this idiot their January paychecks…the ones for $0.00. It would be poetic justice for her ministry to receive 800,000+ pieces of mail, get all excited, and open them to find nothing…over and over again, 800,000 times.





He married into money.



Holy shit, that was real? I read through a bit of the Twitter thread to see if there was context I was missing, but apparently not?


Other tweets seem to suggest that he’s posting it to show “hey, this is bad.”

But the problem is that since the GOP now embraces fascism, there’s little reason for folks to think that immediately.


Apparently his point is that socialism is the same as fascism, so making sure people who work full time don’t need food stamps or lose their homes if they miss a paycheck is the same as death camps.

On the other hand, I’m sure he fine with the president using eminent domain to take land away from people in his state to build a wall that Congress explicitly refused to fund. Oh, and I’m sure he’s in favor of… um, camps in which to concentrate the children of people who legally show up at his border to request asylum.

But yeah, socialists are the real fascists.


During a massive market crash too.


Hard work, that what we’ve been told all our lives.


Here’s more dreck. Because health care, a living wage, paid tuition and family leave, leaving a livable planet for future generations, it’s all just cover for more Stalinism creeping into your living room.

Why can’t we all just be content corporate lickspittles and leave well enough alone? /s


You’re speaking about reality, but here is another reality. the Democrats are doing a piss poor job with messaging. Really, really bad for anyone who doesn’t actually subscribe to the far left, and when I say far left, I am perfectly aware they are not actually socialist and even though I disagree with some approaches,they’re not actually sending out the gestapo to take everyone’s cars.


I mean, the messaging can’t really come together while there’s still a wide field of hopefuls campaigning for the nomination.

OTOH, America seems to chiefly consist of incurious morons, so we’re all doomed anyway.


The Green New Deal is out there… right now, different versions of it even.


Any message that demands change, regardless of the type of change, and without truly explaining how that change is to be paid for or to be accomplished in such a limited time is bound to alienate people. Pie in the sky is not a winning plan.

And let’s admit it, plans like that are aimed at only one demographic, the people who already agree with it’s basic tenets. So trumpeting such a plan does nothing as far as putting the dems back in power.


Seems this rule only applies to one party.

I don’t recall Republicans ever explaining how they’d pay for any of their promises, aside from tax cuts that “pay for themselves” - although I suppose there are enough rubes out there that believe it.

There’s one version. A draft that Tom Cotton read into the Congressional Record is not “a different version.” He did that because it contained language never meant for official release (that’s why it’s a draft.) Given the level of critical thinking in this country though he knew it would be effective.


The GND is fine. It’s a stump speech masquerading as a policy doc. I’m not terribly fussed about it; it’s not like it’s going to turn into legislation without going through the same sausage grinder as anything else.

But my personal thoughts on it are irrelevant; I’m not the person who Democrats need to reach. I do think it’s fine as an aspirational flag to plant in the ground 20 months before the election, so that it can function as a trial balloon both for voters and candidates.

Am I surprised that the right-wing media is going full-bore against every last detail in it that isn’t perfect as though sprung fully formed from Zeus’s brow? Reader, I am not. A bigass proposal like the GND is obviously going to get “shredded” by the kleptocrats; it’s a dog-bites-man story. See also: wealth tax, high-earner tax rates, M4A, &c, &c.

In any case, of course the kleptocracy is going to fight tooth and nail against every proposal that does anything but funnel more GDP into their pockets. My counterpoint is simple, and summed up thusly:

Fuck them. They get nothing.

e: i may need an intervention w/r/t semicolons


Yeah. The playing field isn’t fair. Complaining about doesn’t change the 2016 outcome.

You say this like it’s not going to be used against the Democrats. That’s already happening.

The Green New Deal is now a large part of the election, whether the candidates want it to be or not. We cannot afford to wait until the field is narrowed. They need to get in front of that… yesterday. I am sure everyone who agrees with most of what is in there already is patting themselves on the back, but I’m telling they’ve lost control of that messaging, and no, not just to the hard right that was never going to vote D anyway folks.


I’m not disagreeing, but it really doesn’t matter what the Democrat message is because the Republican retort is always “socialism” and the media response is always “Can Democrats sell socialism?” or “Are Democrats going too far left?” or “Democrats abandon working class” or etc ad nauseam. Republicans can never go too far right but OMG SOCIALISM. I’m 54 and that’s all I’ve ever heard. It’d be laughable if it wasn’t so sad. There is something seriously wrong with the American psyche that they buy it time and time again.

People like scuzz worry about “how are we going to pay for it” and in the mean time the country has wracked up trillions in debt in no small part due to tax cuts that benefit very few but as soon as Democrats come up with any plan to help the 90% left behind then the hand wringing begins anew. So the wheel turns as it always has.

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