The GOP is still morally corrupt, even if Discourse breaks


Well he helped pull us out of one of the worst recessions in recent history. He gave us ACA, pre-existin g and lifetime/annual max anyone? It’s like he gave us cruise control compared to our yam of a president chucking it up as he launches everyone off bumpy hills screaming winning.


Unfortunately, it’s hard to get credit for averting something.

ACA is the most successful attempt to broaden health care since Medicare. That may not be saying much, but, y’know, take what you can get…

Also, the Iran deal was a noteworthy diplomatic achievement. Pity his successor decided to piss all over it.

I’m not going to go to bat for the idea that Obama was a great president, though. I’m not sure such a thing has existed since Domestic LBJ was in office. (Is it possible to be half a great president? Or do you just average out to mediocre?) Also if you want to be great it helps if there is a real shitshow happening all around you. I wonder what Lincoln’s historical legacy would have been if the South had not seceded and had quietly accepted a plan for compensated emancipation, or something. Probably still pretty good, I guess.



Who votes for a slab of spoiled meat like this douche?


Self-identifying Republicans?


This Florida thing reminds me of Leo in Lethal Weapon 2.


“Okay. Okayokay.”



I find this particularly offensive!


I was about to say that’s a terrible Boss Hogg impression


Also I hate to be annoying, but @ChristienMurawski 's earlier little movie plays, with sound, every single time I open this thread, even if it’s no longer on screen.


The Leo Getz thing? I’ll take it out. I hate it when autoplay does that. No worries.



Yeah. I hate to see it go, but not as much as being startled every time I open the thread.


Totally see that.

However, you have no idea how tempted I am to switch in the ten hour laugh loop of Jeff Goldblum from Jurassic Park in its place! :)



Holy crap. Jacob Wohl is not just insane, but he’s an outright criminal willing to do any kind of white collar crime he feels justifies his ends. This article - wowza


Gotta compete in the marketplace of ideas.


Pelosi reminds Gaetz Ryan is no longer Speaker.


Forged a judge’s signature Jacob? Hope he likes prison.


Seems like he’s been hellbent for prison for years. Hope it’s all he expects it to be.


He’s also flipping everyone the bird with the cigar.


My favorite Matt Gaetz factoid: About a decade ago, he was arrested for DUI after leaving a Florida nightclub named “The Swamp”.