The GOP is still morally corrupt, even if Discourse breaks




Actual fake news. As if anyone on this thread needed more reasons to dislike the GOP.


Destroy the Girl Scouts to own the Libs.


Goddammit. I just remembered that I totally forgot to bring home the Girl Scout cookies my boss gave me.


That’s worth going back to get them. Our Thin Mints are in the freezer, where they should be, until which time they will be eaten with a cold glass of milk, again, as they should be.


Remember how the GOP is all about projection, and that pizzagate was a thing?


I did hear a report that Robert Kraft is not the biggest name caught in that brothel.

It’s probably not Trump, but who knows?


Rich old guys pay for sex, I mean, we already know about Trump (Stormy)…


This was my first thought as well.

Please let Christmas come early this year.


It was probably this guy

Them Republican Florida billionaires love their rub-and-tugs.


… from trafficked women. This is a big story, but I’m not sure it’s big enough.


I really don’t understand these people. Assuming they just can’t be bothered to find mistresses with their incredible wealth, what kind of monsters go to a sleazy massage parlour with enslaved prostitutes when they can afford to pay a thousand far more attractive independent operators who are in the business because they want to be? Do they get off on knowing they are exploiting misery?





Actually, no one was charged with trafficking and the report of the women being trapped there may not be true.


Honestly, this dude is the party in a nutshell.


You know, on one hand I’m glad The Hill actually published his joke so we could decide for ourselves if it was the good, so bad it’s good, or just or bad kind of racism. But on the otherhand, it took away all the fun of trying to guess.

And on the other, other hand… Why is this fucking joke in the fucking headline? I shouldn’t have even clicked the fucking link. Couldn’t they have just paraphrased or something? All they’re doing is giving racist yucksters ammunition for their next morning meeting with the other good ol boys.

I hated seeing “grab them by the pussy” everywhere I looked, and I’m not any happier to see this. At least this guy and his words won’t get 1/1000th the press.


Many times this!


The Hill is garbage clickbait fodder.


Jerry Falwell Jr weighs in with his complete lack of reading comprehension;