The GOP is still morally corrupt, even if Discourse breaks


Not really. He actually resigned when he got caught.


Earth to Falwell. Come in. Jesus was in Palestine, not Rome. Chatting with Caesar wasn’t his thing, nor did he have a single word to say about border crossings, which at the time didn’t even exist. And you know full well that one isolated line with its dozen different possible interpretations has been used by every authoritarian tyrant for 2,000 years while ignoring every other message of the New Testament.


"“I was a stranger and you welcomed me.”


Falwell Jr. is a grifter and fraud just like his old man, but even his dad would be embarrassed at that tweet.



Holy crap:

Like was written above - projection. These Republicans (and now Fox News hosts) are so into wanting to abuse minors it’s unreal. Next we’ll find out those Q people are running a pedophile ring.


…Bubba The Love Sponge?


¿Porque no los dos?
* Translation for Republicans: “Why not both?” *


You know how when some Republican is super anti-gay, it’s because he’s secretly gay? I wonder why the right-wingers keep trying to create a fake pedophile conspiracy. Could it be…


I have no doubt whatsoever.


boosts military spending and includes cuts to the social safety net

I am shocked, shocked


“Fiscal conservative” Paul Ryan, no longer in office, but addicted to licking bloated, orange ass.



Your move, Jimmy Jordan, you assclown.


This doesn’t really belong here but didn’t know where else to put it. Long but fantastic (if sobering) piece that traces the rise of liberalism (Enlightenment) and its current risk in the face of rising authoritarianism. (The writer also takes issues with progressives ignoring authoritarian regimes in Europe and elsewhere but doesn’t really support those assertions.)

These days, some American conservatives find themselves in sympathy with the world’s staunchest anti-American leaders, precisely because those leaders have raised the challenge to American liberalism. In 2013, Putin warned that the “Euro-Atlantic countries” were “rejecting their roots,” which included the “Christian values” that were the “basis of Western civilization.” They were “denying moral principles and all traditional identities: national, cultural, religious, and even sexual.” Conservative commentator Patrick Buchanan responded by calling Putin the voice of “conservatives, traditionalists and nationalists of all continents and countries” who were standing up against “the cultural and ideological imperialism of . . . a decadent West.

The conservative thinker and writer Christopher Caldwell recently observed that the Russian leader is a “hero to populist conservatives around the world” because he refuses to submit to the U.S.-dominated liberal world order. If the polls are to be believed, the number of favorable views of Putin has grown among Trump supporters. They are not simply following their leader. As the political scientist M. Steven Fish observes, Putin has positioned himself as the leader of the world’s “socially and culturally conservative” common folk against “international liberal democracy.” Orban in Hungary, the self-proclaimed leader of “illiberalism” within the democratic world, is another hero to some conservatives. Caldwell suggests that the avowedly anti-liberal Christian democracy that Orban is trying to create in Hungary is the sort of democracy that “prevailed in the United States 60 years ago,” presumably before the courts began imposing liberal values and expanding the rights of minority groups.

Political theorist Marc Plattner argues that the gravest threat to liberal democracy today is that the “mainstream center-right parties” of the liberal democratic world are being “captured by tendencies that are indifferent or even hostile to liberal democracy.” He does not mention the United States, but the phenomenon he describes is clearly present among American conservatives, and not just among the “alt-right.”


Max Boot continues his attacks on Republicans



Keeping it classy GOP. I personally haven’t ever seen a better example of a fish rotting from the head down than what Trump has done to that party.


You have it bass - ackwards. Trump is a a symptom of where the GOP has been going for decades.

It’s just blatantly obvious now.


Ya agreed, they are openly embracing their racism and venality now. The article @Strollen posted above basically makes that exact case. I’m not a big Max Boot fan but that column is spot on.