The GOP is still morally corrupt, even if Discourse breaks

The GOP no longer holds itself accountable for anything, ever.

If I were a Texas Republican, I suspect I’d have to drink myself into a stupor in order to be able to live with myself / sleep at night.

It’s a global conspiracy!

I honestly don’t recall the last time I saw a globe.

I don’t understand how flat-earthers get any traction at all. It is one of the stupidest conspiracy theories. Not only are the moon and sun round, which suggests that all large solar objects are also round, there are photos of the earth from space showing it’s round.

Why would there be a conspiracy to say the earth is round when it’s really flat? It makes no sense. What is gained?

I hate these anti-science people. They want to drag us back to the stone age.

Got one recently as a gift to my granddaughter.

Gotta brainwash them young.

Stupid people want to feel smarter than smart people, but without making any effort to get smart.

Social media has given avenues for these stupid people to find and affirm each other, rather than being treated as the idiots they are during normal human interactions in the pre-social media world which might have caused them to reflect and realize they are being stupid.

This explains many aspects of our current adsurdist sci-fi dystopia.

tldr; to own the libs

Our house has a globe. It sits in the hallway to be used when homework or another teenage question gives the opportunity to dust it off (and said teenagers the opportunity to regret the question when I go for the globe).

As a bonus though, mine is from my own childhood. So it has countries and borders from decades ago. This has had value recently in discussions (and globe pointing) about the USSR and former Soviet block nations.

“If this is a conspiracy, if the earth really is a globe, then why are there globes everywhere? Why?”

See! I cannot deny the logic - this proves the earth is flat!

Oh wait - I see even more flat maps than globes. That must be the conspiracy! Now I’m confused…

The decline of Big Globe is just a sign of the success of Flat Earth Truthers fighting and winning.

'Right here there’d be a globe if I was a normal person."

Truer words were never spoken.

I wish I had my childhood globe. I think almost every nation in Africa had a different name.

Typical MAGA (female) politician: drama queen. If you’re not in the news, then say whatever crazy thing you can invent in order to get some attention.

I have 2 globes at home - a small globe from a couple of years ago - so it doesn’t have South Sudan but otherwise is still fairly accurate.

I also have a larger globe that dates from early 1940 - it shows pre WW2 Poland but has a dotted vertical line with the left side saying GER and the right side saying USSR - Norway, the Benelux countries and France all look normal.

Yeah, no MAGA dudes would ever

Ah, Kandiss Taylor. The star of one of John Oliver’s funniest videos:

I don’t want to sound sexist, but it appears to happen more with this current version of Republican ladies: Bobo, Trailer Queen, Luna, etc.