The GOP is still morally corrupt, even if Discourse breaks

It might just be that they are trying to be even more extreme to stand out from the massively male dominated pool of GOP candidates.

Who can even remember Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan, and Paul Gosar, et al.

Your honor, we move to enter Gym Jordan into evidence.

Wow. You got me beat. That’s a cool globe.

Exactly. The “nutball appealing to the nutball base” playbook for conservative politicians is executed equally regardless of gender. There’s nothing to suggest that this is a gendered thing.

Seems appropriate to share one of the best long-form YouTube videos ever:

We have a globe on top of a bookshelf. I think we bought it when the kids were in elementary school.

You know, I guess I totally misunderstood what the right meant when they were complaining about globalists.

GOP Extortion on the Debt Limit:

All so that the next wave of Deficit Exploding Tax Cuts can be introduced in a couple of weeks:

Politico reported earlier this week that Republicans on the House Ways and Means Committee hope to finish work on their emerging tax legislation by June 16, just over two weeks after the so-called “X-date”—the day on which the Treasury Department expects the federal government to run out of money to cover its obligations unless Congress raises the debt limit or President Joe Biden acts unilaterally.

“Key parts of the [tax cut] package… will likely include a full restoration of research and development deductions, full bonus depreciation, removing caps on business interest expensing, and a doubling of the $1.08 million limitation on the section 179 deduction (which, like bonus depreciation, allows a company to deduct an asset’s cost up-front),” Politico noted.

The outlet added that Rep. Vern Buchanan’s (R-Fla.) legislation aimed at making the 2017 Trump-GOP tax cuts for individuals and some businesses permanent “also has a strong likelihood of getting marked up in a broader package.” The bill, known as the TCJA Permanency Act, currently has nearly 100 Republican co-sponsors in the House.

Cutting taxes and cutting spending and other election items will be the Republicans next debt limit wishlist especially as it will be in an election year.

And if they actually win the Presidency - time to SPEND MOAR MONEY and Cut more Taxes.

The Tax Cut and Spend party which depends on the Democrats to fix their fiscal irresponsibility.

When I first saw this I seriously thought it was The Onion

That’s what they do, to brainwash,” she added. “For me if it’s not a conspiracy. If it is real, why are you pushing so hard everywhere I go? Every store, you buy a globe, there’s globes everywhere. Every movie, every TV show, news media — why? More and more I’m like, it doesn’t make sense.”

That’s posted upthread, but her lunacy is enough to share again.

AOC points out they only need 5 Republicans to vote for the Dems debt ceiling solution: will any cross the party line?!

Big Globe’s got their fingers in every world government and corporation.

Maybe next she can uncover the big conspiracy behind Big Floor. I mean - everywhere I go there are floors. What are they trying to prove? Why are they shoving floors beneath my feet?

Don’t fall prey to Big Euclid, dude, open your mind!

I mean, isn’t suspicious how every city seems to have a Euclid Avenue?

And doesn’t that imply a non-Euclid Avenue?

Are your kids shouting, “floor, floor, floor!” as she asserts? That was the best/dumbest thing in her whole scree for me.

Scott’s bellicosity was no mere bolt from the blue. As Reason has been documenting for six years now, Republicans, even while otherwise souring on U.S interventionism abroad, have increasingly concluded that the alarming spike in domestic fentanyl overdoses would best be treated by sending the military into Mexico.

Big Globe makes me laugh. That’s just the level of stupidity this has reached.