The GOP is still morally corrupt, even if Discourse breaks

Put this dickhead in prison. About 10 years overdue, but still.

Has Abbott floated a pardon, or does Paxton need to shoot someone first?

No doubt that’s part of it, but this is probably a larger piece. It was a massive margin on the vote, and this accounts far more

Did something change with tweet links? Anyways


Some South African cunt.

How corrupt do you have to be that even modern fellow Republicans vote to impeach you? Wow. I’d heard that this guy was a piece of work but figured he’d be safe in his post, given Ronald Reagan’s “11th Commandment.”

Mark Levin’s “question” is probably the funniest and also the most revolting thing I’ve seen this year.

The English language is rich, but neither brown-nosing nor sycophant begins to capture the sheer insanity.

Gross. I feel like my ears and brain need a cleanout after that.

It’s surprising he was able to enunciate so clearly with the orange mushroom so firmly lodged in his mouth.

Exactly my thought

He’s gunning for a cabinet position

Tara Reade, the woman that accused Biden of sexual assault, has defected to Russia.

The shocking confession was made during a Russian state press conference, where Reade was sitting next to alleged Kremlin spy—and pal—Maria Butina. Reade told the pro-Putin press the “very difficult” decision to move came after the realization that she no longer feels safe in Biden’s America.

“You have U.S. and European citizens looking for safe haven here,” Reade added. “And luckily, the Kremlin is accommodating. So we’re lucky.”

Oh please let her be the start of a wave of defections. Please.


Enjoy Putin’s Paradise.

Does it really count as defection if no-one cares if you go?

Anyone also read Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy? Can we put them all on that spaceship with other useless cretins and send them afar?

I don’t know if this belongs in the debt ceiling conversation or the morally corrupt conversation.

Perhaps this negotiation was actually a galaxy brain plan to get everyone to actually vote for a clean debt limit bill.

This is fucking priceless.