The GOP is still morally corrupt, even if Discourse breaks

Legit made my chuckle.

Nearly every single insult of someone’s intelligence was at one time or another a clinical term.
Dumb, moron, idiot. Probably a ton of others.

I think stupid is the only one that dodges it.

Is it ok to use bitch, when discussing dog breeding?

like, to complain about it?

I dunno dudes… I appreciate that some of you are able to climb all the ladders it takes to get on the high horse about this one, but MTG absolutely earned what @Timex called her and I’d do it right to her face. Maybe you’re all just better than us Pennsylvanians at the end of the day. I’ve certainly heard much worse uttered regularly about Trump, Biden, and MTG… seemingly DAILY.

As someone noted above somewhere, look out for the Australians.

LOL apparently it wont embed.

Can we do douche next? It seems to mostly be applied to men but the gendered association it is derived from is a female product. Very interested in the intricacies of allowed usage there, please.

Pretty much where I’m at. She can go to hell.

As @rrmorton pointed out to me in another thread, the feminine aspect needs to be canceled out with something masculine. As a canoe is roughly phallic in shape, I propose that douche is offensive while douche canoe is what one should use when in polite company.

Is there really room for civil discourse with someone who isn’t… civil?

Bingo. This is the root negative stereotype of the insult.

Strangely enough, sonofabitch doesn’t really hit the same negative stereotype (to me). I haven’t analyzed it enough to have any clue why tho.

I guess another way to put it is that the correlation coefficient between the intent behind your words and their impact is not one, and in some cases may be rather low or even negative, and it’s good to keep that in mind.

Perfectly stated. The shift for me was the intent does not matter at all. When people hear certain words used they will immediately form opinions of the user and not ask for intent or context. If you have to explain intent then you have already lost.

Oops, I had to step out for a few hours and had no idea this would heat up.

Yes, bitch is used in dog breeding, but after reading the rest of the comments I’m thinking it’s not in as much of a grey area as I thought.

Dumb bitch is what the dude with the beer belly says before he starts beating up his wife. It’s totally disrespectful to women in general.

If ‘bitch’ bothers people here so much, I’d definitely stay away from Scotland. They really throw the ‘C’ word around like we do ‘asshole.’

There’s a lot to unpack here. One, there’s some implication of a desire to “win” some sort of engagement.

More importantly though, forming an opinion of someone in the way you describe, which is largely superficial, isn’t really an admirable trait. Ignoring what someone actually meant, and projecting your own baggage onto their statement, isn’t really on them any more than it’s on you.

As I said, in some cases like the n-word, there’s a fairly universal understanding that allows you to make such a leap, but I feel like such cases are the exception, rather than the rule.

I assure you that my beer belly is minimal, and that no women were beaten in the making of this thread.

No doubt.

It does bother me. I have probably more sympathy to Rowling around here than most, because however wrong she is about trans, she is right about the fact that women are still treated like shit and it seems less of a discussion than other issues of discrimination.

I mean come on, the whole “me too” thing was just the other day. Human trafficking is almost all girls. Domestic violence is everywhere. What the fuck is going on with abortion?

Edit: oh god and I just watched that show on how the Amish treat their kids, especially female.

Just a personal trigger. Guess I’d better chill out.

Another example occurred to me: My friends tend to be a frisky lot, and I could definitely see it being perfectly fine for one of my female friends to say something cutting/snarky in fun about someone and then me saying, “Oh man, you are a bitch!” But never would I ever say, “Man, you are a dumb bitch!” I mean, those things are level 1 vs. level 8 just in that alone.

Yeah, some adjectives have additive, multiplicative, or even logarithmic effects in combination. In this case, “dumb” is a little mean, “bitch” is mean, and “dumb bitch” is super-duper mean, like the insulted party is so stupid they don’t even realize the potential of modern humans, like the ability to have a credit card or hold elected office.

(Another example, “son-of-a-bitch” is mean if a little neutered, but calling a black person a “black son-of-a-bitch”? That’s edging towards a hate crime, even though it’s only added a hypothetically accurate adjective.)

People’s perceptions of others are often based on superficial opinions and are updated constantly. E.g. regional accents, use of double negatives, etc. I agree this is not an admirable human trait and it is one I have tried to overcome. My point is that some people will not take the time to get to know what someone actually meant. They will form their judgement and move on.

For me, my shift in thinking, was that other’s immediate judgement would happen and it was better to change my speech patterns than explain, “I didn’t mean it that way.” That immediate impression that slams into someone brain when they hear certain words does not care about intent.

My response to jeffd was in general, not in the context of this conversation. Now I had to explain my intent and have already lost. :slight_smile: