The GOP is still morally corrupt, even if Discourse breaks

Dumb is just worse, because it isn’t really used as an insult these days, so it hits as a real assessment of the target. I would hesitate to even use Dumb joshingly, like a friend screws up slightly so now it’s time to rib him/her, I generally wouldn’t say, “Nice one dummy!” That seems quite a bit more aggressive than using bitch in a friendly way. Though interestingly, Dumbass can be used like Bitch. Let’s face it, context uber alles.

I’m sorry, are you seriously suggesting calling MTG dumb is somehow worse than bitch?

Because the lady makes a pile of rocks look like Rhodes scholars. Calling her dumb is an insult to dumb people. Brain eating worms would die of starvation. Her brain can be used as a model for black holes. Her IQ would be measured in number of significant digits. She makes Idiocracy look optimistic. You could replace her with a shaved howler monkey and nobody would notice.

The howler monkey would be immediately noticed for its sudden improvement in legislative ability.

Talk about offensive. What did those poor howler monkeys ever do to you?

I stand duly corrected.

At least when the monkey flings poo, it might hit worthy targets like Matt Gaetz.

Yea, I guess I don’t get your logic here. I get having a problem with bitch, but seeing dumb bitch as a bigger problem is kinda screwy. If you have little problem with bitch then you have kinda already lost the argument.

Personally I understand the argument against using bitch, I have tried not to use it although I will still say that someone bitching about something is a thing, and I need to drop that statement.

How about calling someone a dumb ass? :slight_smile:

No, I’m saying that bitch has a million uses, like asshole or dick, but dumb makes it much more specific and is a more unusual insult. Maybe not on the internet where we’re always talking about someone who isn’t ever going to see what we’re typing, but in real life I’d say it’s 100x more common to call someone a bitch, even earnestly, than it is to call them dumb to their face.


High tech lynchings are in season.

Well, yes, Clarence, this is true - after all, you live there.

Grand Ol’ Projection.

From the people that think any sort of firearm registry is a prelude to government overreach and seizure comes a womb registry.

A government small enough to fit in your womb.

Brought to you by the very same people who lose their minds over the suggestion of a national gun registry.

I did check and this real.


Dude, Andy, you need to hang out with a better crowd.

That must be one of those articles of faith on the right that doesn’t stand up to 10 seconds of critical thinking.

I wonder what they’re using as the definition of “average American”.

He probably means that DJT commits three felonies a day. Although I’m pretty confident it’s much more than three.

Is masturbating a felony?

Not yet!

Depends on who you’re doing it in front of, I guess.