The GOP is still morally corrupt, even if Discourse breaks

3 times a day? My hat is off to you.

There is a case to be made that too many things are felonies, but three a day is crazy talk.

The average American isn’t a hedge fund manager or, apparently, Andy Biggs.

Indeed. I’d say the average American breaks laws multiple times a day (namely speed limits), but those aren’t felonies.

This is common talk about gun laws among Open Carry types - ie, carrying a gun in a city just driving around violates school zone gun laws.

Since we’re not going to stop carrying guns, it’s the law that’s bad.

The average American probably commits something like 0.001 felonies per day, but when you factor in Trump’s contributions to that average, it rises to 3.

The average US President has been charged with 1.9 felonies.

Trump, however, isn’t the first former president to have attempted to dodge prosecution by claiming administrative immunity. And several former presidents, including George W Bush, have committed far worse crimes.

It’s fine to make such a claim, but it’s not backed up by any actual indictments.

I think y’all might not understand how many laws there a tually are. However, the usual stat iirc is just “3 laws (or crimes) per day” not specifically felonies. Hard to argue either way given no-one actually knows things as basic as how many laws there are.

However, The Hill once took a stab… and may also be the source for Andy’s felonies claim:

Or he saw Silvergate’s book title

I’m no GWB fan, but I’m having trouble with this one. What definitions of crime are you using? Are you counting Trump’s crimes against humanity at the border?

I used to commit multiple felonies a day but that was back in high school. I just don’t have it in me anymore.

Obviously not.

Kidnapping and torture?

How does that compare with invading a country, displacing millions of refugees and ultimately killing a half million people or so?

Tim Scott said on Fox that he’d do what Pence didn’t if VP. So, that’s fun. I guess the VP pitch is now openly “I’ll end America for you Dear Leader.”

Thankfully no Vice President can even pretend to have a say in how electoral votes are counted anymore.

Specifically, the ECRA “clarifies the vice president’s ministerial role in the counting of electoral votes and reinforces that the vice president does not decide election results.”

Not that the next Republican vice president won’t give it a shot.

Glad Scott has the courage that Pence sorely lacked.

Why, because some loser law says so? Nice try, chump.

The Supremes could also say that the law is invalid as this is Constitutional and require a Constitutional Amendment, should it be in their (donors) interest to do so.

Looks like our imperatorial period is about to end.

The Post has highlights of Magic Taylor Gathering’s derail of a House Oversight Committee meeting (which was itself a derail because Republicans are mad the Justice Department isn’t releasing the audio tapes of Robert Hurr’s attempts to humiliate Biden). Gift link here:

Well worth watching their short video for this fantastic line from Texas representative Jasmine Crocket: “Bleached-blonde Bad-built Butchbody”. This kerfluffle brought to you by the Republican Party and the letter B!