The GOP is still morally corrupt, even if Discourse breaks

Gaetz, Jordan, Boebert, MTG all latched onto MAGA because it brought them attention and power. It’s hard to sound smart while toeing the MAGA line, so it’s hard to tell if any of them might actually have some intelligence buried underneath. (I’m not saying they do!)

Tuberville started famous and you see his real self.

Did Tuberville ever adapt to the modern passing game?

If one includes getting some grift from everything he passes along? Sure. It’s the MAGAt offense…

David French discovers the hidden truth about leopards and faces.

I was a senior writer for National Review at the time, and when I wrote pieces critical of Trump, members of the alt-right pounced, and they attacked us through our daughter. They pulled pictures of her from social media and photoshopped her into gas chambers and lynchings. Trolls found my wife’s blog on a religious website called Patheos and filled the comments section with gruesome pictures of dead and dying Black victims of crime and war. We also received direct threats.

The experience was shocking. At times, it was terrifying. And so we did what we always did in times of trouble: We turned to our church for support and comfort. Our pastors and close friends came to our aid, but support was hardly universal. The church as a whole did not respond the way it did when I deployed. Instead, we began encountering racism and hatred up close, from people in our church and in our church school.

The racism was grotesque. One church member asked my wife why we couldn’t adopt from Norway rather than Ethiopia. A teacher at the school asked my son if we had purchased his sister for a “loaf of bread.” We later learned that there were coaches and teachers who used racial slurs to describe the few Black students at the school. There were terrible incidents of peer racism, including a student telling my daughter that slavery was good for Black people because it taught them how to live in America. Another told her that she couldn’t come to our house to play because “my dad said Black people are dangerous.”


Writer for < checks notes >William Buckley’s National Review</checks notes> is shocked to discover conservatives are racist.

TBH, French at least argued with integrity, and recognized what was happening to conservatives even before the first Trump Administration. He did enable some of what the right has become, but he mostly doesn’t embody it.

I take no joy in what has happened to him or other moderate GOP folks who had integrity. Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger, and others pursued awful policies which enabled this, but aren’t awful people selling it everything like those still pursuing this, and worse.

Yes, it’s a low bar, but 95%+ of the GOP can’t even clear that.

He does a monthly episode on the Holy Post channel where he just chats with one of the hosts from that channel. Even when he’s on the other side of an issue from me I feel like he almost always gives a fair representation of where both sides are on an issue rather than just grossly exaggerating where the other side from him is at.

On the other hand, he went to work for the magazine that never really repudiated publishing this:

I’ve heard there’s some sort of folk wisdom about dogs, laying down, and fleas.

Well, this is what the national review says about what:

(Here, the NR is attacking a piece by The American Conservative, which is a bircher rag.)

Leary’s piece is the third that The American Conservative has published in defense of John C. Calhoun over the past few weeks. They obviously care about his reputation a great deal and have gone to the mat repeatedly in an attempt to secure his canonicity as a revered thinker on the right.

This latest effort begins by dredging up the most appalling lines that William F. Buckley ever wrote. They express Buckley’s immature and ill-founded thoughts on the plight of African Americans in the South during the ‘50s. It’s probably best to quote Buckley directly on this score lest anyone accuse me of sugar-coating the seriousness of his shortcomings:

It goes on to quote exactly that piece you quoted there. This would suggest that the NR dis move past that at some point. Indeed, Buckley himself came to regret and reject those statements by the 60s.

Sorry to be the “well actually” person, but well, actually, here’s Cheney a few years ago:

According to her blood libel, the Democrat party is the face of pure evil, we murder babies after they are born, we’re basically Pol Pot, we’re horrific, horrifying, cold, evil, etc. etc.

I would suggest that she’s not actually one of the good ones.

Indeed, Buckley became the kind of racist who understood that you had to publicly regret your public expressions of racism, rather than the kind of racist who felt you had to double down on your public expressions of racism.

Oh, I’m not saying she was ‘good’, just that she actually showed integrity in honoring her Oath of Office in standing up for the Constitution against Trump in 2021. Integrity which 95% of Congressional Republicans at the time did NOT do. We need FAR more of that. That actually does count for something in my book - see the ‘low bar’ comment (tho it doesn’t outweigh her other awful stances, just saying that she is ‘that much’ more capable than over 95% of the rest of the GOP).

MIchigan MAGAt doing MAGAt things…

So, what will Friske say now that he has been arrested for allegedly chasing a stripper from his home with a gun? Well, we already know, actually: In a Facebook post, his campaign called his arrest “highly suspect” and implied it was politically motivated. The post asked for prayers.

According to reports, Friske was arrested on Thursday by the Lansing Police Department with a gun in his possession at 2:25 a.m. near his home, after he allegedly chased an adult dancer from his home.

The dancer also supposedly works at the Déjà Vu gentlemen’s club in Lansing, which is located close to Friske’s home. The LPD said they were responding to a shots fired call.

Authorities also declined to name what exactly Friske is being charged with until he is arraigned on either Friday or Saturday.

Thoughts and prayers.

A quick guess would be discharging a firearm within city limits, negligent discharge, attempted murder…

So many possibilities but the first two seem almost a given.


Tell me I’m wrong. I dare you. I double dog dare you!

Guessing it wasn’t a Red Rider bb gun with a compass in the stock?