The Grand Budapest Hotel, aka, Wes Anderson the Next

Got the familiar players (Bill Murray, Owen Wilson) as well as one big new player: Johnny Depp.

Anderson also says it’s going to be his most “adult” movie yet. That alone makes me happier than Johnny Depp.

HOLY CRAP IS THIS TRUE? This sounds incredible.

Wow… how much to bet it’s all “quirky” and stuff?

Yeah lol I bet it’s all written, directed, shot, designed and edited in that particular filmmaker’s signature style lol what a dummy.

By ‘adult’ does he mean porn?

You know, you could probably edit your comment to a shorter, pithier form. Say, something like “tired”, which is probably what I should have stated in my original comment. But hey… live and learn and all that.

Ok, your observation was indeed “tired”.

At least Depp is doing something other than another fucking remake.

See, you’re learning.

You are shit.

Excellent and insightful observation. Now do you want white or chocolate milk for today’s quiet time? Or neither… that’s ok too. There’s always water.

Trying way too hard.