The Grand Tour -- Top Gear 2.0 on Amazon Prime

Hitting Amazon Prime on a weekly basis starting November 18.

— Alan

Looking forward to this, hopefully the move to Amazon gives them some new impetus and the extra budget is spent well.

Might final get me to sign up for prime.

Same here. I already get the free 2 day shipping (from my brother’s membership), but this will be the first time for Prime video. Didn’t they announce that they’d do a monthly option now, instead of having to pay for a year? I wonder if that will interfere with my membership on my brother’s thingie.

This debuted tonight! About to watch it!

Good first episode. If you enjoyed Top Gear I think most will like this show, at least the first one as they don’t all drop at once. The one skit with the celebrities didn’t quite land but I liked the rest of it. The three “super cars” at the center of this episode were pretty awesome.

Yeah that was fun. It’s a little less stuffy than the original. I’m new to Internet television shows so it was different for me.

It was nice to watch the team back in action. I will miss Star in a reasonably priced car, but watching celebrities die as they try to get to the show could be a decent replacement. Also, I like “The American” as a replacement for The Stig. Very different.

This week’s Namibia special is exactly the kind of trip that’s my favorite part of Top Gear, so I’m glad it’s continuing in The Grand Tour. It’s the kind of place that’s fascinating to see, even though I would never want to go there myself. I watched the first half. Watching those dunes and the ocean was fascinating. So many things remind us that we live in a small world these days, but watching specials like this where they had to drive so far and so long just to get back to remnants of civilization reminded me that it’s still a big world we live in.

My favorite trip of theirs is still that Africa trip where they’re searching for the source of the Nile and nearly destroy their cars in the process, and all the land rovers of the film crew too. Again, a place I would never want to go myself, but great to watch.

Richard Hammond escaped death (once again). Crashed a $2-million+ supercar at 120mph in the Swiss Alps while filming for the Grand Tour. The thing burned to a crisp.

Hammond survived with a fractured knee.

Yeah, I was really happy to see the news reports that they pulled him out of the wreck right away, before the car burst into flames. And he finished what he was doing apparently. It was only in the aftermath of whatever he was doing that the car got into a wreck. I’m looking forward to seeing what happened on the show itself sometime later this year.

GT is so dumb and I have a hard time stomaching the contrived and barely disguised situations. At the end of the Namibia episode for ex. Why add that stuff? The shooting episode ugh. I still kinda like it after a fashion, not for being the equivalent of English tea and crumpets style bro-tainment but for the great cinematography. Namibia was especially beautiful.

Sums it up for me too. Its ok, but not as good as some of the previous Top Gear so far.

Just please remove the stupid “celebrity brain crash” skit.

Im quite happy to live in a world where i get to watch both GT and Top Gear Without Chris Evans as there have been some superb bits in both.

I agree. I like them both now. The GT guys have built a great chemistry over the years, and I really enjoyed the growing chemistry between the new crew on Top Gear in Season 24. It’s not quite where it needs to be yet, but it’s getting there. And it’s a completely different kind of relationship than between these three.

Season 2 Episode 1 out now. Amazon does this weekly, not an all-in-one dump.

I’m really enjoying this season so much. I love that Hammond’s accident happened at the start of the season, so we got it out of the way, and now he’s being mercilessly teased about it for the rest of the season.

By the way, episode 3 seemed weirdly like it was sponsored by Kia. Just the way they displayed the Kia symbol, it seemed like they sponsored part of the episode. I’m not sure I like that idea.

Haven’t seen any of it yet, but I thought the promo playing up Hammond’s accident and Clarkson’s illness to “Live and Let Die” was fantastic.

Like that they admitted right up front people hated Celebrity Brain Crash. The two somewhat famous people racing is better and riffs off their old show. Hope they do at least one of their big long distance ‘races’ like the dune buggy one. Leads to some of the best content.