The Great Christmas Gift Thread of 2006

Post any awesome gift ideas or websites you’ve found here.

Please! :)

I can’t share my awesome christmas shopping secrets with you, since my SO reads QT3 sometimes. I’ll PM you some ideas if you’re desperate though :D

Here’s some safe bets though: and for t-shirts for unusual and interesting chocolates, if you have a geeky chocoalte gourmet type in your life

Ah, yes, thanks for the links!

Here’s where i’ve spent the majority of my gift money this year…

Here’s a decent gadgets thread.

I’m a weirdo but I got such a kick out of getting this:

kid tough fisher price digital cameras for children. get them at target, they included a free 32mb memory card when i bought them (says so on the box, their website sales page didn’t say anything about it).

That’s funny in a sad way… considering it’s what me and the wife are getting each other too. It’s also the gift that keeps on giving, because my wife points at stuff she wants and I’m the one on hands and knees doing new concrete floor, walls, tiles and everything else.

Well, I did get her a pink iPod Nano and the Nike+ set for running.

Picoo Z is a great toy for kids and the YOUNG AT HEART. (It’s a tiny remote controlled two-axis helicopter.)

Big lots had portable Disney DVD players for $50. Going to make the trip to the relatives a lot nicer.

For someone who just needs to have their ipod [b]everywhere[/b]!

And uh … one of the kinkier uses for your Ipod, the (not necessarily NWS but you still might not want to click at work) Ibuzz

I have my #1 Xmas present already:

It’s a universal disc player (CD, DVD, DVD-A, SACD, HDCD, DIVX, XVID) that upconverts video to HD (720p or 1080i), plays both PAL and NTSC, and has USB and (I think) an SD card slot. It’s only $149, and has rave reviews all over the place, including a bunch of benchmark tests in which it outperforms $1000+ players.

All I’ve done so far is set it up and play my two SACDs on it, but even the setup impressed me — you can tell it whether each speaker in your setup is large or small, so it can avoid distortion by sending a small speaker more bass than it can handle. Very helpful to me as someone who prefers nice “bookshelf” stereo speakers that distort nastily when a tank rolls by in a war movie.

Also, I bought this bit of Chinoiserie for my sister (age 37):

and this Voltron DVD set for my bro (age 32, already in possession of all of Robotech from prevous giftings):

Heh. I don’t know if this is a great idea or just annoying as hell.

But I’m guessing that someone here will want one.

We got a roomba from the mother in law. Everything else is cash to help with our move and everything we’re giving is baked goods, along with whatever toys people’s kids asked us for, except the babies get whatever Keri picked out at Reform School. (its a store not a reform school, tons of stupid hipster baby crap)

So xmas is done and we’ve not even gotten the tree up :/

A Roomba! How intriguing…

It’s great for pet hair, we only need to vaccum once a week instead of 2x per day now.

I love my Roomba. It motivates the 3 and 4 year old to clean. Nothing else has that power.

Me: Hey guys, clean the living room and I will bring out the ROBOT!!

Then the frantic cleaning starts. It’s awesome.

hahaha thats great. I’m trying to find a good set of giant google eyes for mine.

I must be evil dad then.
My take is “If you don’t clean up all those pearls the ROBOT will eat them”. That works on the five year old as well.

We liked our Roomba too, until it broke. Then they fixed it. Then it broke again. Same plastic part. Not sure we can get them to fix it again.

I’m not sure the Roomba is up to a house with kids.

Would it be incredibly gauche to give a friend a self-help book as a gift? This one, specifically.

She knows she’s in a rut and is openly frustrated by it, so it wouldn’t be an “OMG, you think I’m crazy?!?” surprise, but I still wonder if there’s some line I’m crossing…