The Great Escape

Check out the last bullet under “Features”.

Do I get to try and jump the fence on my motorcycle?

Also, will the solitary confinement be played out in real time?

I think your questions are unimportant in the face of what is revealed in the final bullet.

Well, I love Steve McQueen and all, but even him coming back from the dead to impart his brash, manly wisdom isn’t giving me an orgasm.

No one will be seated during the shocking final bullet feature of The Great Escape!

Actually, I’m wondering if it will have intellectually stimulating detective elements like tailing enemies, leaning against walls, and peeking around corners.


I like how the first of the user comments for the game is titled “Steve McQueen in your PS2!” That’s just what we need. First the KISS coffins, now people getting buried in giant PS2s.

Steve McQueen doesn’t enter into it, xahlt. If you can’t get excited about a game with posthumous voice acting, then you are too jaded.

and the option to have all guard and enemy dialogue in German at higher difficulty levels.
Does that mean ze Nazis are going to speak English in the German version of the game at higher difficulty levels?

There was a 250mb demo of this game released recently… Anyone here bother trying it out?

Steve McQueen posthumously takes offense to that remark. All things mortal and immortal concern Steve McQueen.

Forget the posthumous voice acting, it’s all about carrying the dirt to the yard and shuffling it about with my feet.

It will have

‘Peek mechanics’ allow the player to spy over and around obstacles and corners, even through keyholes!

But I don’t know if these are intellectually stimulating, though. I guess it kinda depends on the keyhole.

Tyjenks, no comments on how a girl’s locker room keyhole would stimulate you.