The Great Like Experiment of 2017


I am enjoying likes because sometimes I just wanna show appreciation for something interesting or funny that someone said, but don’t really have anything substantial enough to actually say about the subject to warrant a post.


Exactly. And if that encourages people to post more interesting or funny things, then all the better.


In case anyone was wondering, arrendek’s user script for Discourse allows you to mute users and works really well. Surprised nobody brought it up yet.


I see what you did there


Rule of three!


I’m Kadath Dreamfire and I approve of and endorse liked posts.

I also poo-poo the straw men arguments put forth about how likes might be abused or change the Q23 culture. My experience with other large scale fora indicates those concerns are vastly overblown.

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Wait… Your pseudonym’s last name is “Dreamfire”? And I thought my D&D characters’ were lazy clichés. 😜


Listen when you’re at the character creation screen you just wanna play. The Mercedes Lackey / Tracy Hickman one read in their youth just bubbles up during those moments. :)


I’m Divedivedive Doscervezasporfavor (that’s right, I roleplay Hispanic. What of it?) and you have my axe. Give it back, dammit!



*twirls elaborate mustache*


Fortunately Divedivedive Zweibiersbitte is nothing if not flexible. And thirsty.


I’m Stusser von Drizzt. Represent, yo.


I’m Rhamoriminaï Lekatariba Lamina-Tchaï Ekbat De Sebat, but you can call me rhamorim.


Craigchulain finds this turn entirely confusing.


Fishbreath smash.


I guess my username’s last name is an exclamation point.


My actual name is Firstname Middleinitial Firstletteroflastname. Phear me.


I thought your Firstname was Richard?


That’s what I wanted you to think.