The Great Like Experiment of 2017


I dunno, because he uses his own grief in an argument, insults another poster twice in an extremely personal and condescending manner, and then challenges other posters to outgrief him?

There’s a whole level of wrong there that I find thoroughly distasteful.


Whut? Wrong thread? Cause THIS thread DELIVERS.



Gotta admit, the same thought crossed my mind.


My thoughts and prayers are with the person who developed that game. It runs like ass on my iPhone 6 Plus. How’s the JavaScript performance on my phone relative to the game developer’s optimization efforts, Jeff? Should I consider upgrading to a Samsung S8 for smoother clicking?


My axon pro runs it well. So sounds like an apple issue. My thoughts and prayers to apple users everywhere.


So it looks like likes have now been turned off - phase two of the experiment is evidently underway. I kind of miss them already.

How’d everyone do? I know we all hate competitions around here, so instead of bragging about how many likes you received, let’s instead discuss how many likes we gave - how often did you feel the need to drop a like on some comment?

I myself gave out a measly eight likes. Not gonna break any records there! I think in the majority of cases, I also posted an actual response, so it barely affected my behavior.

However, I may hold the dubious honour of having the oldest post liked! @ydejin went way back in time and liked one of my posts from May 2013! QT3 never forgets.


I still have hearts available.


Oh wait, I think the button just got changed to this:

As you were everyone. Move along, nothing to see here.


That’s what likes are, and you support likes. They are a platitude and a generic mark of insert emotion from people you barely know.

Thanks for agreeing with my prior argument that likes are often a thoroughly insipid reflection of inanity.

Will you be removing likes from Discourse as a whole by default?



I ❤ the heart like. Not sure why some themes have the plus icon.


Depends on the theme you’re using.


I like the plus better, and changed some of the non-default themes.


As do I. I’m liking the post. Not falling in love with the author.


Not with that attitude you’re not.


I would like to continue with my campaign of complaining about Discourse’s abuse of the back button and point out that these 3 links were incredibly difficult to navigate to. (My browser button would have put me back to the unread list, so that was a no-no, so I had to rely on Discourse’s blue ‘back’ button which puts me +2 posts down from where I actually was. And each time I followed one of these links and clicked back I was a FURTHER TWO POSTS DOWN, which meant I was 6 posts down by the end of it. grr)

I often see comments from book/game/movie/tv show authors who say things like “hey, my book/movie/etc sold bucket loads and I’m Scroog McDucking it into cash every night, but my favourite thing is the letter I got from some kid the other day saying how much he liked my book/game/show! I’m make books/games/shows for free if I got letters like this”.

i.e. that people actually telling you your stuff is good is something humans like more than simply having their stuff looked at.

ps: On the topic of “likes encourage more meme posts”: I’ve seen those posts only getting one or two likes at a time, and wall o’ texts getting 8 likes. Either QT3 is weird or the premise doesn’t hold up. (Though ‘summarize this topic’ does feature a few of the gif replies, but they still don’t get past 3 likes each)



So can we assume everybody who isn’t part of this thread. is part of the control group in this experiment?


I agree, people telling you your stuff is good feels pretty good. And it’s something people unlocked long ago, when language was invented. Clicking a button, on the other hand, conveys very little.