The Great Youtube Demonetization Apocalypse


“Our goal is to encourage the worst behaving pieces of shit to make us money by being gross!”


That’s your problem. Not enough low-key Nazism on your channel. Get to it.


Look at the bright side, now you’ll forever be enshrined as members of that lofty group that hold such legends as Tor Johnson and Tommy Wiseau.


“We understand you may have lots of questions right now.”

Nah, just angry statements.


“The reviews typically take 1-2 weeks” Except for the time we delayed your application processing 6 weeks while claiming a large backlog when we were really just waiting to announce new policies for which you would no longer qualify.


Anyway, according to the video, you can cancel your Ad Sense account to get your 12 bucks of ad revenue.

Well, derp, I don’t even qualify for that.


If only you had done more “lets plays” with Sakkura Studios games.

Tee-hee, that tickles!


Oh, those took too long to censor, and the screen ended up being mostly black bars, so it wasn’t worth the bother.



So they can recognize the music playing in the background of a stream and then suggest John Denver songs to me, but they can’t recognize the music they offer for free themselves?


Man, this makes me sad. Das is such a nice guy, and my favorite YouTuber, and to hear him curse out of being so frustrated just breaks my heart, sincerely.


So, fuck YouTube:


One step forward, one step back.


Yesterday Ninja had 600k+ viewers plating Fortnite with some other popular people ( like the guy from Mega ).

He made around 320.000$ from subs the past month.


Well, who would have thought this thread would end up with a mass shooting incident. This is what happens when they push… {checks} Persian vegan vloggers to the limit.


I must admit, I didn’t expect this.


Clearly we need to arm more teachers.


My first thought was that it was a militant vegan/atheists who had his channel shut down or demonitized. The YouTube began community is full of crazy people - see Exhibit A.


Imagine you’re a kook, 20 years ago. Your yolk is split, you have a skewed view of the world. You don’t quite fit in. You can’t make ends meet, you can’t hold down a job.

Now you’re a kook in 2016. You’re still several sprinkles short of a cupcake, but now you have the ability to publish your various and sundry manifestos and ramblings on the internet. You have your own (YouTube) TV channel, starring the one and only you! You speak at length about vegan baking, and why you only exercise the left half of your body because your Chi was lopsided and now you can crack walnuts in your left hand and your right leg gets tired going down stairs. And because your potential audience is every human being alive, like souls in the ether crying out for familial shoulders find you. Your YouTube channel is popular. You make money, and get to buy better quality sweatpants. Maybe you even buy fresh green tea rather than picking through the garbage at The Golden Wok and reboiling their dregs. You’re making a living at this. You aren’t such an outsider after all!

And then, late 2017, YouTube stops paying you. You still have adulations from your audience, but you can’t pay your rent. You can’t afford organic vegetables, and can’t afford to juice the supermaket vegetables because you need that fiber to live. What sort of life is this, sans juice? How dare they degrade you in this manner? You’re a shining superstar! You will have your comeuppance!

That’s basically how I figure it went down.


If Jake or Logan Paul shot up the Youtube HQ, Google would probably give them an exclusive Youtube Red show with a lucrative contract.