The Great Youtube Demonetization Apocalypse


Need more eyes? The answer is always dead rats


At that level, any news is good news.


He’s just so punchable.


Looks like Youtube has finally pulled ads from all his videos.



Well, I may have been called a scumbag bad actor by YouTube, but at least I have this dead-eyed pile of fuck to condescend to me.

I’m glad I started a Patreon, at least I don’t have to inadvertently pay this shitsuck any money.


“Our goal is to ensure a healthy ecosystem of fuck you.”


“Our goal is to encourage the worst behaving pieces of shit to make us money by being gross!”


That’s your problem. Not enough low-key Nazism on your channel. Get to it.


Look at the bright side, now you’ll forever be enshrined as members of that lofty group that hold such legends as Tor Johnson and Tommy Wiseau.


“We understand you may have lots of questions right now.”

Nah, just angry statements.


“The reviews typically take 1-2 weeks” Except for the time we delayed your application processing 6 weeks while claiming a large backlog when we were really just waiting to announce new policies for which you would no longer qualify.


Anyway, according to the video, you can cancel your Ad Sense account to get your 12 bucks of ad revenue.

Well, derp, I don’t even qualify for that.


If only you had done more “lets plays” with Sakkura Studios games.

Tee-hee, that tickles!


Oh, those took too long to censor, and the screen ended up being mostly black bars, so it wasn’t worth the bother.



So they can recognize the music playing in the background of a stream and then suggest John Denver songs to me, but they can’t recognize the music they offer for free themselves?


Man, this makes me sad. Das is such a nice guy, and my favorite YouTuber, and to hear him curse out of being so frustrated just breaks my heart, sincerely.


So, fuck YouTube:


One step forward, one step back.


Yesterday Ninja had 600k+ viewers plating Fortnite with some other popular people ( like the guy from Mega ).

He made around 320.000$ from subs the past month.