The Great Youtube Demonetization Apocalypse


Another wonderful change targeting innocents and accidentally affecting some toxic content instead of the reverse. Google really is trying their best to kill youtube. Hopefully by the time they succeed there will be a good alternative.


I don’t understand this:

It’s bizarre to imply that this has some connection to creator moral behavior. (“Earned the right.”) I simply take this to mean that it is easier to them to monitor fewer channels for potential advertiser outrage and thus the revenue loss from dropping the smaller channels is more than offset by the resultant decreased resource expenditure by YouTube.


Yeah, this explains why my channel review has been pending since early December. A bunch of people had been complaining about long review times and Youtube kept telling people it was just a large accumulation of channels needing review and told us it should be cleared up by the end of January. Pretty sure they just put them all on hold pending this change and now 95% of the channels under ‘review’ no longer qualify.


Bum deal. More than happy to follow you to Twitch, or whatever platform serves your needs best.

Despite its ubiquity, folks go to YouTube because of the content, not because the content is on YouTube. It’s not at all difficult to imagine other platforms filling this void for smaller creators.


Youtube steps up oversight of Preferred programme


I don’t see how this follows from the issues that Youtube seems to have had in 2017. Namely big ass Youtubers behaving badly. People didn’t go around decrying small time Youtubers paying poor people in India to say Nazi stuff. Or maybe they were, but that wasn’t what made advertisers get skittish…


I think this is more about the automated kid-targeted video stuff.


Jesus McMaster, seriously? For the loss of 8-10 freaking dollars per month you’re gonna throw all your work away, take your damn ball and go home?

Shit man I’ll PayPal you $500 right now. That should cover 50 months of ad loss, so you can keep doing your thing? Consider me your Patreon or something.


Haha, I’m in the same boat. What a pain. But for me, at this rate, I’d still need years to see that 100$ check, so it’s never going to happen anyway.

But it’s the principle damn it!


This of course will beg the question : “How do you get started?”.

I see a new market for You Tube bots rising.

You Tube was not started by Google, hopefully a new site will arise.


I’m guessing they have an issue with arbitragers who steal content and set up random channels to make money and the automated checks they have in place for that rely on making having a certain amount of history to make sure it’s real.


They really need to stop that dreck. Dipped a toe in that ocean of content and it ate the flesh to the marrow. Horrendous.


It is interesting that someone posts content which is either illegal or infringement, and though these things are eventually dealt with by You Tube, I am sure Goog keeps the Ad revenue they generated from the views of said content before it was pulled.


I’ll always take 500 dollars, but the money isn’t the point really. I could make a Patreon, but I doubt I’d get support.


Patreon is great. My podcast is on there and even with the small support of my relatively small audience, I don’t entirely cover costs, but I am getting something back at least.


Unless your kids are starving in the streets it should never be about the money. If something is worth doing, it is worth doing. Or it isn’t.


I’ve only been earning 3-8 bucks a month on mine and haven’t even hit the point of getting my first check and then get the email saying ‘F you, stop trying’. pretty frustrating.

fwiw you should definitely create a Patreon. The more ways you give your fans to get support to you the better, especially when one of the ways folds like this. I’m just hoping twitch doesn’t start changing things too since streaming IS my job and it’s hard enough to stay positive when your job is paying $5 a month. lol. Thankfully the woman of the house is ridiculously supportive of me.


Yeah, I agree. It’s just irritating.


This makes no sense unless Google is cheaping out to maximize their own profits. The biggest problem is not the little guy, it’s the people getting tons views - like those who were abusing their kids. They weren’t under the 1,000 subscriber limit. Google is doing a crap job on this. Maybe they should also demonetize all the crazy alt-right conspiracy theory people too trying to sell backyard sprays to protect themselves from passenger jets and their mind control contrails. <--------- I wish I were kidding.

What’s worse is this is going to do the opposite. People will get more desperate to get attention and subscribers instead of trying to build slowly.


YouTube has never made money.