The greatest trailer ever

OK, it’s not strictly a game, but it does sort of call itself one in the trailer so I’m allowing it.

Make sure you watch the video.

I’m not quite sure what that was. I have a sudden urge to read my email. And swim at the pool. Email … serious business.

Every line in that trailer is golden. My current favorite is: “One name spells entertainment… one name spells excitement… one name spells email, and that name is… 3D Mailbox”. Genius.

Why all the obesity?

Did you guys notice that girl on the beach chair… her legs were so long, her fingertips barely dangled down around her hips. HOT.

EDIT: Ohh, the fat guys represent spam. Okay.

You can tell by the subtle “SPAM” tattoo’d on their chests. :)

Have your spam eaten by sharks.

I’m waiting for the nude hack.

I bet somebody thinks this is going to make him rich. I’ve worked for people who are that clueless.

I thought that was funny too.

Hang out with your mail poolside!

Where is the change position button?

So you log into your POP3 email and hot videogame girls in bikinis come up to you representing the email your Mom sent you with the attachment of the picture of the gall stone they removed from your Dad. And “Gain 3+ inches” emails are represented by fat guys walking around, which is 90%+ of the email you get anyway. So you see a pool full of fat guys.

Now THAT is a concept born in a drunken stupor at an Applebees one night.

Actually, the fat spam guys are not allowed poolside. They go to the beach to await being eaten by sharks.

If it can’t decide whether a mail is good or spam, it gets sent to the ice rink where it “chills until you decide”.

ElGuapo’s e-mail is worse than mine! And I don’t even have a hottub!

That was a witty, spontaneous example. I don’t know if my Dad has gall stones. What’s a gall stone exactly? Is that in your bladder?

No man…a gallstone is what develops in your colon when you hang around in hot tubs with slutty chicks too much of the time. The water, the chlorine, the passion, the utter meaninglessness of it all…it just sort of congeals up in there and forms a perfect sphere of gall that has to be surgically removed from your body because it’s too large to pass through your perfectly clenched sphincter.

Whoops. Nice slip.

Your Gall Bladder.
My buddy ended up having his entire one removed and the pulled out a stone the size of a golf ball.
Gary Whitta probably thinks this is cosmic justice.

Hey, the 3D Mailbox guy joined QT3! He just private messaged me:

Thanks a lot for mentioning 3D Mailbox on the Quarter to Three forum today.

I’m also glad you liked the trailer so much. If the product doesn’t work out, I can always do trailers for a living, I suppose

If you have registered, send me an email to [deleted] and I’ll upgrade you at no charge to premium.

Thanks again.

Robert Savage
3D Mailbox

Mr Savage, I salute you.

I want my email to look like this: