I love this trailer.

— Alan

This is the Green Knight, as in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight?

Either that or Medieval Times is rolling out a new six part backstory for its knights like we’ve never seen before. Which would be kind of amazing & unlikely but we’ve seen stranger things these past few years.


— Alan

The trailer made me think it was a Ben Wheatley movie. Kind of disappointed it isn’t.

OK, here’s the movie’s competition, The Green Knight starts at about minute 6.

I don’t think “grim dark” has ever really fit the Arthur mythos, or at least the knights go on quests part of it.

I dunno; it’s always possible the Bretonnians simply scored enough chivalry points to summon him long enough to film a movie?

Without the magic “A24” this doesn’t look particularly interesting.

I’ve read a really nice verse translation of the poem, which I can not now find to recommend. The original is in a dialect of Middle English from the north of England that was probably not mutually intelligible with Chaucer’s, although roughly contemporaneous.

It’s a sexy story, pretty much in the way that Boorman’s Excalibur captured. But not too much goes on in it; it seems a pretty thin reed on which to hang a feature film.

No Sean Connery, no sale.

Is the Green Knight the one that challenged everyone and constantly regenerated so you couldn’t beat him? Kind of a bad guy?