The Grey's Spinoff is Going to be a Disaster

I love Grey’s Anatomy. If you haven’t heard, tonight’s two-part episode sets up the upcoming spinoff where Addison (who I adore) leaves Seattle Grace and goes to a clinic in LA.

And from what I’m watching of the LA clinic, filled with Tye Diggs and Tim Daly and that Judging Amy girl, this is going to be incredibly lame. It’s LA Law, in a medical office. Hey look, wacky Southern Californians! Again! It’s trying too hard. Way too hard.

I loved LA Law.

Yeah, it’s going to be garbage. Though I was amused that the evil FBI guy from Prison Break was in there playing a likable-but-dysfunctional pediatrician. I kept expecting him to pull out a Glock and gun down half of the clinic.

That was making me laugh as well. The whole show seemed to be trying too hard to be wacky, I’m not interested.

This show was a cancelled actor’s graveyard. Just the ones I recalled:

A guy from ABC’s ‘The Nine’ (Cancelled in its first season 2006)
Taye Diggs from ABC’s ‘Daybreak’ (Cancelled in its first season 2006)
The Secret Service Agent from FOX’s ‘Prison Break’ (Left/was written off 2007)
Sydney’s best friend from ABC’s ‘Alias’ (Show ended/was cancelled 2006)
Amy Brenneman from CBS’s ‘Judging Amy’ (Show ended/was cancelled 2005)

I mean, why all these recycled faces? Did someone owe them all a favor since their shit was either cancelled or their parts ran out? It was just weird.

Not to mention that this show interrupted a perfectly serviceable episode of Grey’s.

They should call the spinoff Addison’s Colostomy or something, because it’s a big piece of shit.

This reminds me of when they spun off Boston Legal from the Practice. In its heydey, the Practice was a fairly decent drama with the occasional comedic element. Boston Legal became absurd slapstick BS and didn’t interest me one bit.

Hopefully Addison will return to Grey’s once this show bombs, because she’s an interesting character in the context of the show.

Alias and Prison Break were cancelled? Actually, I’m not sure what a “cancelled actor” is.

In the UK, there are many actors who are famous for playing many small roles on stage and television, and in films. In the US, there weren’t many actors like this. I think it’s great that there are more and more in the US, now.

Oh, and good actors often act again. Amazing!

Poor phrasing on my part, but “cancelled actor” works for my purposes. They were either written off or left the show they were on, or the show they were on ended or was cancelled. Either way, the role they became known for no longer exists.

Prison Break wasn’t cancelled, but the actor’s character was. J.J. Abrahms might argue Alias ended when it should have, but everyone knows sagging ratings and an absurd and weak Season 4 led to its not being renewed. J.J. was just lucky enough he was able to write and film an ending so it wasn’t left hanging like so many other decent but cancelled shows.

I’m not saying that actors shouldn’t do more than one thing, or that these actors aren’t talented and don’t deserve other jobs. It’s just bizarre that so many who were recently put out of work (I have a feeling Paul Adelstein from Prison Break was written off as opposed to leaving, and no one can argue that the Nine and Daybreak weren’t killed before they even went anywhere) all end up in the same place, and to boot, it’s a place that was so awful it doesn’t deserve its own timeslot.

Adelstein might have a somewhat unique scenario, as he was originally scheduled to play Dr. Burke, but Prison Break got in the way, so this is a chance for him to work with the Grey’s team.

Really? Wow, that’s just…bizarre. I can see how it might work though.

It’s really not weird- out of work actors are constantly trying to get work so pilot season is like chum to sharks. The difference here is that we are actually seeing the pilot ahead of time Most of the time the pilots are shot but we only see them if a network picks them up and even then it’s the following season. And the Grey’s spinoff has a much better than average shot at getting picked up so it’s going to attract high profile talent.

And to add another actor here- the guy playing the young surfer/receptionist is currently a regular on Veronica Mars.

I’m just waiting for the Scrubs spinoff wherein Dr. Cox goes into private practice in New York City. I hear it’s going to be called Becker.

There’s only one way to save the show: Ted McGinley!

A genetically engineered clone combo of Ted Dansen and John McGuinley? Brilliant!

If you’re going to mock someone for goofing up a name, at least make sure you spell it correctly in your own post.

It’s McGinley.

Hey, I was being facetious, not mocking!

Are you guys sure you mean Ted McGinley? Not John C. McGinley?

Mr. Jump the Shark!

This would save many shows.

Ted Mcginley

This wouldn’t