The Grind: Purple Power (Planetside)

So tonight Dave W, Andrew Myer and myself were playing on NC Markov and the stupidity of our faction was making us crazy. Since we all have characters on Emerald VS we decided to try the Purple Power People for an evening and it was a good time.

The VS on Emerald are just so much better organized and I like the VS MAXes so much better, plus Dave and Andrew both have the BFR imprint on that server. And of course, the Magrider. I drove for about 20 seconds and was saying “Magrider why was I unfaithful to you!” – Magriders are just SO much more interesting to drive than the Vanguard.

Im thinking I want to play my weekday evenings when I get a chance to play on Emerald VS now, (but still do the Sat morning run on NC Markov since that’s become fairly standard).

If you are fairly new, its pretty easy to make a new guy and check out another faction.

The VS has pretty great MAXes so UniMAX is a good way to start. Also the Vanu heavy assault weapon, the Lasher, is probably the easiest heavy infantry weapon to get a handle on (you don’t really need to be all that accurate with a Lasher). The Vanu buggy the Thresher, along with the Vanu tank, the Magrider are both harder to handle than their NC counterparts, but are both interesting vehicles once you learn to steer with the mouse.

The only real downside is that the Vanu BFRs look kinda dare I say it, fruity. And the gunner cupola on the BFRs looks like a bizarre Easter Island hat. What’s up with that?


I uhh jumped ship to Emerald VS about a week ago. I didn’t tell anyone cause I didn’t want to scare off any of the new people who’d just gotten started with the NC.

The hovering vehicles are a little strange at first, and I’m still a horrible pilot, but I love the lasher. I can kill people outside of point blank range now!

I originally came over to join TriggerHappy’s outfit AT but after reading their web site I decided that they were too military for my tastes (24/7 gal drops and MAX crashes apparently) and so I joined up with an outfit called DARK that is aimed at “older” gamers with jobs who mostly just do nights and weekends.

I’m having a blast, BR10 now.

What Dan said. Plus, the pulsar is a great medium-range weapon – the instant-switch from normal rounds to AP is great for tagging MAXes, too.

Speaking of MAXes… I will NEVER use a MAX suit sans jumpjets again, ever.

I do want to be on a faction that has some decent leadership but I don’t really want to join a military style outfit - I prefer the sort of relaxed squad based stuff we do in QT3. It’s just that I want to be on an overall team that isn’t led by doofuses :).

We do have a QT3 outfit on Emerald VS – so anyone who wants to join contact one of us. If you are a new player who’s not yet established on NC, try out the VS with us – we should be able to get you some levels relatively quickly and I think you will enjoy it.

And if you are a vet who hasnt tried VS yet, come join the purple power side :0 – you might be surprised at how much you like some of the VS features.

Alright, alright. I was just about the right rank to have a well set-up infantry guy, too, but hey, I like purple better anyway. It’s a shame we’re moving to the one server that the Vanu are overpopulated on, though.

Dude I was JUST getting the perfect setup with my NC guy, and now I have to switch to my level-6 Vanu guy? Suck!

I’ve been playing today with Lyonne… Got 24k BEP so far. :)

I have the perfect setup with my Vanu guy, and I started a level-1 NC guy a while back ;-)

…when Dan and I were talking about this over Teamspeak last night, we figured you’d want to stick with NC for the Saturday morning runs.

I’m not too terribly picky, though – if I’m playing Vanu, and a bunch of y’all show up and want to go NC, I’ll switch – but, I’m gonna do Vanu most of the time m’self. Not because I’m BR17 there, but because Vanu MAXes rock.

Goofing off today, I found the vanu aa max to be comparable in kph today with what I was able to do in NC way back at the beginning, when the sky was full of noob pilots (which, sadly, isn’t the case anymore). So that seems pretty good.

I’m not sure about the other max units. What situations do they excel in? I miss the shield for safely getting past the bunch-ups at the bottom of the stairs to get to the action in the other two suits.

Leaping up to the top of a tower and shooting people in the face. Or leaping your Quasar up onto the wall and lighting 'em up. Or bouncing from ceiling to floor on the stairs as you’re blasting the grunts, making it harder for 'em to hit you back. Or jetting up to weird ledges inside the base entrance and pummeling 'em from the ceiling as they’re trying to push their way in. etc etc etc.

There’s always the Personal Shield implant, not that it even remotely compares to the NC max shields, but it’s better than nothing :)

So, what are the names of your Emerald chars? I am on as Lyonne, would appreciate an Outfit invite.

Backov, Andrew and I are on now if you want an invite - VS Emerald, I am SharpeVS and Andrew is AndrewM.

That was a hell of a lot of fun yesterday. I’d be on right now actually, but I’m waiting for a couple of vid encodes to finish so I can reboot the PC. It was getting a little flaky yesterday during our PS run.

Fun stuff today. I’m still pissed that you can’t man a BFR turret unless you have the stupid Core Combat expansion, though. Vanu MAXes definitely own all other faction’s MAXes in the fun department. I don’t think I can go back to playing an NC MAX on Markov, now.

I agree about the annoyance of Sony’s monopoly bundling practices for Core Combat. On the other hand, you can buy it for Six Bucks . Maybe cheaper at GoGamer. For six bucks, eh.


A few thoughts about NC vs VS as factions and also Markov NC vs Emerald VS as organized forces.

NC vs VS MAXes - the VS MAXes dominate the NC MAXes 8 ways from Sunday. First off the general MAX ability for each side strongly favors the VS: being able to jump offers so much more flexibility than having a MAX shield. The MAX shield does offer some extra defense but so does being able to jump out of the way of a shot. Outdoors, the defensive boost is better for the VS. Plus, jumping is tactically useful in terms of jumping onto towers, over walls, up onto ledges, into unique firing spots, and crossing chasms/cliffs. And of course there is the aesthetic factor: Jumpy MAXes rock :). In terms of specific weapons systems the VS MAXes are either equal to or superior to the NC. The AV MAXes are fairly similiar but I like the VS version a little better b/c its energy ball shot does a tiny bit of splash damage and DOT damage making it a little better vs infantry than the NC version and pretty much equal vs vehicles. The AA MAXes are simliar but I think the VS version hits harder and faster, which more than makes up for the smaller clip size. The biggest difference is the AP MAX which strongly favors the VS. The NC shotgun MAX is good up close but next to useless at medium and long range. The VS rapidfire energy gun MAX is good at all ranges, and it has a secondary fire mode that does increased damage to vehicles, MAXes and equipment. Its easily better overall. So for MAX fun, there is a decisive advantage to VS.

NC vs VS weapons: there is some debate here, but I overall like the VS weapons better. The VS energy pistol is kinda crappy IMO and the NC shotgun pistol is probably better for stealth kills on lightly armored targets. But pistols are used only somewhat. In medium assault I favor the VS Pulsar although the NC Gauss is also nice. The Gauss hits harder and is great for static fighting with good medium range accuracy. But the Pulsar is better for skirmishing as it is better firing from the hip and at a wide variety of ranges. The NC Heavy Assault shotgun is quite strong up close but I honestly hate the thing - if you are not close you may as well commit sepuku. The VS Lasher is weak up close and a little too slow to be good at long range but with its AE effect it owns medium range which is the most common grunt range. I am not sure if the Lasher beats the TR MCG but it beats the NC Jackhammer all to hell. The NC AV weapon the Phoenix is something I dread when facing the NC but when we played as NC I rarely saw our side using it. It requires teamwork to use well b/c of its low ROF and damage (ie you need multiple shooters to cooridinate on a target) but when used effectively it is quite powerful. The VS Lancer is much easier to use but probably not as good at the higher skill levels. Overall the VS weapon set is easier to use, useful at a higher variety of ranges, and I think better overall.

NC vs VS Vehicles - I used to think this favored the NC but now I’m more mixed. In the Ground Transport category the NC gets a clear advantage with the Thunderer which is an excellent anti-vehicle platform and can give the NC an edge in fights without a Tech Plant b/c its a non-Tech vehicle that can stand up to a main battle tank. The VS Aurora is good vs a foot zerg but basically useless vs vehicles and air so its a limited use vehicle. For the Assault Buggies the NC Enforcer is similiar to the Aurora: good vs a foot zerg, otherwise weak. The VS Thresher is one of the fastest “land” vehicles in the game and is a great LLU runner - it is only mediocre in combat but its gun is effective vs most targets. So thus far, the vehicle competition is mixed. I used to think that the NC Vangaurd > the VS Magrider and gave the advantage to the NC. But I don’t think that anymore based on recent play. I don’t know if they nerfed the Van since my heyday or if its just a reflection of the fact that the Magrider rewards driver skill and experience more (there is little diff between a poor Van driver and a good one, but being good in a Mag is HUGE), but I feel like in most fights the Magrider can stand up to the Van and is far better than the Van at scaring off Airpower. The Mag is weaker vs infantry but since infantry outdoors are so vulnerable I dont consider that a bit deal. And the Mag is so much more maneuverable than the Van, and so much more interesting to drive (b/c the driver has a gun) that overall I give the vehicle edge to the VS, by a small margin.

So in MAXes, weapons and vehicles I think the VS is a better faction than the NC. The only really strong NC feature is the Phoenix which requires a lot of patience and coordination to use well. I didn’t evaluate the BFRs as I have little experience. Perhaps they tip the balance.

NC Markov vs VS Emerald Command & Control - this is the biggest area of difference. The C&C on VS Emerald at all levels from CR5 to platoon and squad leaders and outfit organization seems vastly better. The CR5s are not doofuses and they actually discuss things in their private channel before making announcements in global. Unlike Markov you don’t have 5 chefs squabbling over the broth: they deliberate in channel, pick targets and make announcements. Then, the rank and file are much better than Markov at actually following orders: pulling back from hopeless causes, changes to new targets etc. And the outfits are organized: they bring Lodestars and ANTs to fights, they organize MAX crashes, they defend bases with layers of CE, etc.

It’s like night and day. Down with NC Markov, up with Purple Power :).

So basically, your end assessment is that NC is gimped. :)

Quasar (the Vanu anti-infantry max) tip: if you’re shooting at a distance, your cone-of-fire accuracy goes all to hell almost immediately when you let loose on full auto; however, it also recovers almost instantly when you stop shooting.

So – don’t hold down your fire button; instead, fire individual shots as fast as you can. I’ve been known to map my mousewheel scroll-down as an alternate fire button – lets me fire nearly as fast as holding down the fire key, but at least 3x as accurately.

If you’re in a tower stairway fight, by all means, go full-auto; if they’re at medium- to long-range though, you’ll have much better luck firing discrete shots.

Much as I hate you all and hope you burn in hell for making me give up my BR15 guy, I’m willing to switch fully to Vanu/Emerald if that’s what people want (there was talk of staying with NC/Markov for Saturday Morning Mayhem). I think I have a BR6 Vanu. SIX!! Fuck you guys! These Vanu MAXes better be some motherfuckin’ charmin’ pigs, is all I’m saying.

I’ve been playing unimax exclusively, Rywill (straight up AA, unless I can’t get outside, then I grab AP and pick a nice spot to defend from). I’m almost BR8 after starting just this week, leaving behind my BR20 on markov (I didn’t bother with training since a noob can get unimax), so it’s pretty quick. My kill ratio often gets up to 3-5 to 1 while using AA if we’re not getting rolled. Really nice max units.