The Grind: Purple Power (Planetside)

OK. I will be on Vanu/Emerald at 10 a.m. Pacific time on Saturday. Hope to see folks there.

Cip was going nuts earlier tonight with his AA max – racked up sixteen kills before he died even once, if I recall correctly.

24 ;) all air targets except for one (who bailed out to attack, so I guess that counts) …and then I died while LD. Dammit.

Here are two things that suck in PS:

  1. The Heavy Scout Rifle. Does anyone get any use out of this weapon? As a sniper rifle, it’s awful. The shot travel time is too slow to make it good for real long-range sniping unless your target is sitting still, but the wait for COF shrink is too long to get more than one shot into a target. And the damage is too low to kill anyone that way. I’d much rather have a MA weapon. I’ve seen people using these as CQB weapons though – where the COF doesn’t matter, and you can just go click-click-click-click and do significant health damage to someone. I would think the small clip would make it not so good for that, but I’ve never tried it.

  2. The goddamn fucking motherless caverns. Right after CC came out, XPav and I went on a Magical Journey of Discovery through the caverns, which we found to be confusing, empty, and boring. So I never bothered going back. Well, now they’ve revamped stuff, cave fights are necessary for BFR cert, and I went back to check out how they were with the changes. It turns out that after the redesign, the caverns are now confusing, empty and boring. I just spent an hour and a half playing PS for a total K/D of 2 and 8, 1700 BEP, and 90 minutes of my life gone forever. Man do these suck. And it’s like CE heaven – engineers are laying mines and spits at all the zip line terminals for cheap easy kills. Except that it doesn’t even work that well, because anyone with two brain cells to rub together knows to sit still after zipping, and take out any deployables. But it makes everything tedious and awful. It takes forever to get anywhere because after each zip you’ve got to toss a jammer or two and take out a turret. Bleh. Although some CE had cleverly placed three spits along the length of a long zipline, which was enough to kill me at full health in rexo – nothing I could do, once you get on the zip line, you’re dead. Annoying, but fairly clever of whoever that was.

I was there with ya Ryan, ya, so far my two very short experiences in the caves have sucked. I’m still waiting for a real battle though so I can work on the BFR cert qualifications.

Another issue:

I hit BR10 today, and have 3 certs left.

I have:

Armor 1 and 2

Now, I’d like to get some more stuff so I’d be useful as infantry, but I can’t afford both Rexo and MA, and just MA by itself would be pretty useless, as would Rexo by itself.

I could get another vehicle cert or two, but not sure what… Ground Transport? The buggies?

MA is great even without Rexo - I know I got at least 3 kills just picking off CE’s at long range with the Pulsar on the snowy hills of whatever battle was on last night. Plus, you can insta-switch to armor-piercing and occasionally bluff scare away MAXes by rapid-fire pot-shotting them from long range.

My favorite is still the AA MAX, though - that thing is just dominant when pitched air-battles are going on.

I believe you can jump off the ziplines while in transit, Ry. Caverns are still pretty crappy, though.

I only do the caves when using VS MAX. Makes getting around so much easier. No need for zip lines and you completely dominate in firefights. The last two nights for me have been at 2:1 Kill to death ratio.

Well, I can say that I must be getting a lot better at this game. Either that or the TR really do suck as hard as they say they do.

Also, I hate Decimators. Every assclown has one. Except me.

Thanks again to whoever it was who posted the “just click really fast” advice for the VS AI Max… That really makes a huge difference. I’m just about BR11, that’ll give me 4 cert points to play with.

I should also note that I have no interest in the caves whatsoever, but I want that BFR imprint. The kills are easy enough, but the base caps don’t seem to be.

So, I had a little time last night to play, and I wanted to test out my new Vanu build (BR18).

Implants: Enhanced Targeting, Darklight Vision, Sensor Shield
Certifications: Unimax, Infiltration Suit, Engineer/Combat Engineer, Hack/Advanced Hack, Air Cavalary 1 (Mosquito)

Minor NC push on Searhus, Wakea and Tara hacked, and Laka spawned an LLU.

Infiltration suit and a Mosquito out to Laka from Sina, where I found the LLU carrier running to Wakea (as I said, a squad or two at the most on each side, and there was a fight going on to get Tara back for the VS). Killed the LLU runner, and headed for Laka, where I bailed from the Mosquito and went looking for the CC.

On the way, I found an enemy AMS surrounded by mines, sitting in the CY. Since I couldn’t get right to it to hack it, I tossed a jammer grenade (my general purpose stealth kit is an amp and a spare magazine, a three pack of jammers, a REK, and a single ACE). Much to my surprise the chain reaction blew the AMS sky high.

Inside the base, and there was an NC guard, sitting outside the CC, crouched behind some crates, waiting. Not waiting with Darklight vision on, just waiting. Snuck behind him and opened up with the amp at pointblank range, and he was done for. Quick stop to clear the hack, and then time to grab another Mosquito and head out.

(Later, at Wakea, I did the stealth drop and infiltrate into the spawn room, hack a terminal, and grab an AV Max to take the tubes down, and that worked nicely also).

General conclusion: I remember why I love this game so much, and I really like this build.

Man, that sounds like you stumbled across just perfect situations for an infiltrator and got away with it all. I usually die 10 times along the way of a cool story like that.

Excellent squad tonight guys - we had 4 to 6 players the entire evening and participated in a pretty great battle on Hossin. Good fun.

You guys are making me wanna come back to planetside with all this talk, but unfortunately still no money, so maybe i won’t pick up wow now and do planetside when i do get some. Darn you all for making me wanna do some more infiltrator runs and save the world from utter mayhem


ok after a night of insomnia, i broke down and paid for the sub for PS, thats what credit cards are good for right lol, after a full year and a half of not playing, all my characters are still there, so i’m still in the outfit, so heres looking forward to some great battles with you guys, although i’m wishing you guys had stuck with NC on markov cause my guy is BR19 and CR3 lol, well, see you all in game


I’ve gone from BR1 to BR13 on Emerald since about a week before this thread started, it’s not so bad.

Yeah, I’ve gone from 8 to–

shit, I’m still 8. But it’s fun playing with everyone, so it’s all good. Definitely a fun time last night. The NC really fought hard for Voltan, which made it pretty fun.

Oh noes! You purple bastards, I think it was probably you that killed me 15 times on Hossein!

Well, to be fair, I did get 3 of you. :lol:

I must have just missed it… logged off at around 8:30 PST to watch Lost and hang with the gf after securing Searhus in an incredible base battle. I think the entire TR population was in that one base trying to keep it.

We still on for Saturday morning again?

I’m definitely on for Saturday at 10 a.m. Pacific. It’s become my new weekly gaming group.

I think the thing that made yesterday so great was that the enemies were really fighting hard on defense. Too often in this game people just fold up their tent and go to some other continent. But the NC fought like lions for Voltan – we had one of those great “Stormtroopers board Leia’s ship” battles for the back hallway, and getting to the CC was hell, with NC guys running all over the basement with their noobhammers. Even after we secured it, they resecured. Considering it was their last base on the continent, pretty impressive.

A defense of the last base can be successful. The attackers decide “it is all wrapped up”, and head off to another continent, before it’s actually over.

It can turn into a complete reversal, once the defenders get traction.